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Control Overpopulation Scam

The Need to Control Overpopulation is a Myth Propagated by the Banking Mafia. The True Agenda is Massive Depopulation of the Planet for the New World Order Elite.

Did you know that the United Nations has been working for decades to control overpopulation? Most people have heard that overcrowding is becoming a huge problem in this world.

You’ve probably heard the facts: just one hundred years ago there were 1.5 billion people on the earth and now there are nearly 7 billion. With such a drastic increase in people it is no wonder the world faces a population crisis that is leading to starvation and poverty–or so we have been told.

Most people don’t realize this, but the truth is nearly the opposite. Although the UN has the world working to control the supposed population boom, there is actually no overpopulation. It turns out the world produces far more food per person now than it ever did in the past.

In fact, not only has the population increased more than four fold but the gross domestic product has increased nearly 40 times what it was one hundred years ago. This means that even though there are nearly 7 billion of us, we are better fed and the standard of living for each person has drastically increased. So why do we attempt to control overpopulation if it doesn’t exist?

Why The Control?

The truth is, this isn’t about plans to control overpopulation, it is merely about controlling the population. The banking mafia world leaders have created a New World Order in which they rule over the majority. Essentially, the public works solely to provide the banking mafia with what they need and desire.

However, there is no need for 6 billion people to provide for the relatively small group of bankers. It would be much easier for them if the overall population dropped down to under one billion. This would provide an adequate base of providers that would be easier to manage and control. As well, it will leave far more natural resources for them to consume.

This is why there is a media campaign going on to convince us there is an overpopulation problem. They are attempting to instigate many different methods to curb growth. Regulations on having children, contraception and even sterilizations are being utilized.

The New World Order

If you aren’t familiar with the New World Order (NWO) it is time to do some research. The corporate banking mafia has created a NWO in which we are now living. They are forming unions all over the world to consolidate power and end national sovereignty. A totalitarian one world government where the people have no freedom is their dream and we are very near.

Already the European Union rules over 27 countries. Borders have been dissolved and national sovereignty ended. Next up is the North American Union that will end the dominance of the US and destroy its Constitution.

Finally, after the unions on every continent have been constructed, they will be merged into a single global union. This union will operate as the United Nations except that it will truly have power and authority over every country and every individual on the planet.

Depopulation is part of the plan

Depopulating particular areas of the world is part of the banking mafia’s plan to have absolute power. For them, it is a matter of convenience. Why struggle to manage billions of people when you could get rid of 90% of the population?

In order for the plans of the global elite to come to fruition, they must do away with those whom they have deemed as useless to society. Unfortunately, that definition includes each one of us, as the plans to control overpopulation clearly indicate.

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