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Deadly TETRA Radio

How the TETRA Radio System is Killing Public Servants.

Approved for use in 1995 by the British government and other European regulatory agencies, the terrestrial trunked radio system has raised many questions about negative health effects to its users and the public. 

Also known as TETRA radio, the system was designed to make communication by government employees like police, firefighters and other emergency workers easier and more secure. 

Past systems could be picked up by scanners or other devices, allowing criminals to listen in to police conversations. 

TETRA radio works by posting masts, similar to cell phone towers, throughout an area. 

These masts feed the network with a constant flow of low frequency radiation to maintain communications. 

When a call is placed the radiation spikes to wavelengths similar to that of our brain’s beta waves. 

This radiation effects those users who carry the communications devices on them constantly, much like radar guns cause cancer in U.S. police officers. 

Just because you can’t see the danger doesn’t mean it’s not there! 

The masts put off huge amounts of radiation as well as beaming it all over the area. 

After a hasty study the government even approved the masts to be put near schools and on the top of hospitals.

The use of TETRA radio often coincides with increased occurrences of cancers, brain function disruption, insomnia, and severe neurological problems.

Effect of TETRA on Living Matter 

It is no secret that radiation has a strong effect on living matter. Microwaves are a prime example of this power.

Microwaves can heat the atoms of a food item from the inside out, cooking it.

What is not commonly known is that using radiation of this kind is not fully understood and could have serious health effects. 

When the molecules and atoms of food or water are microwaved, ions are stripped and this creates free radicals which may account for the sky rocketing cancer rates.

Similar damage is done with the low level radiation sent out for TETRA radio. 

This radiation has been linked to interference with the brain’s production of melatonin, the chemical needed to regulate sleep in our bodies.

Those living around the masts have often been awakened with a sensation of being shocked.

They also suffer from bloody noses, rashes, insomnia and rare neurological disorders. 

Some of these problems like motor neuron disease (MND) usually only occur in 2 out of 100,000 people.

Yet in an area around one mast with a population of only 200, 7 people were diagnosed with the painful and crippling disorder. 

Cancer rates are also abnormally high for those who wear the TETRA communication devices.

Normally healthy individuals are coming down with rare forms of cancer around the direct areas where their communicator is located. 

Corruption and Greed 

The U.K. allowed TETRA to be used in their nation based on drummed up studies and tests provided by the makers and users of the system.

The large telecom companies have billions invested in the system and in order to get lucrative government contracts they needed to prove they were safe. 

To do so, they showed that the radiation emitted from the masts and the system was within radiation levels in that it did not heat biological matter, like a microwave.

Yet, even an elementary school student knows that just because the matter isn’t being “cooked”, it doesn’t mean there aren’t negative effects going on. 

The global banking elite needs the public to be unaware and uncaring about these kinds of issues. In order to better control this planet they need to “thin the herd”.

Instead of instituting forced, Nazi like sterilization that the masses would fight, they introduce technologies and conveniences into our lives that are poisoning us. 

Chemically altered food, tainted vaccines, poisoned water and communications devices that are slowly killing us are all part of their plan to decrease the world’s population to “manageable” amounts.

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