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Debt Crisis Hurts Everyone Around the World

The Debt Crisis is One of The World’s Major Political Issues; Banking Elite Uses U.S. to Destroy World Economy.

The debt crisis affects not only those people living in poor countries, but those of us in the western world as well.

A global perspective is needed to adequately understand this financial crisis that is facing so many nations.

Countries that are being hurt the most by debt are those countries that owe the the central bankers more than their entire economy has currency, subsequently representing a serious threat to these countries.

The impact of the world financial crisis continues to affect not only the American economy but the international economy as well.

In this world of heavy debt slavery, world trading is taking a huge hit as the management of raw materials and exports relies heavily on capitalism, which in turn is affected by too much debt.

A big concern about the financial problems facing the world today is how people will react to the continuing crisis.

As countries become poorer due to the debt crisis we’ll be seeing more protests and violence, perhaps leading to martial law in many countries.

It becomes a big concern for nations when they start feeling the debt crunch as so many areas of life are affected including social services, the standard of living, environmental issues, and aid and development programs, to name a few.

Throughout the years, world the central banking mafia have promised debt relief or debt cancellation for the poorest Third World countries.

Although an ideal concept, these promises have rarely been kept as the cancellation either doesn’t happen, is too slow to happen, or the amount of debt cancelled is much less than initially promised.

The debt crisis is one that the banking mob has deliberately created for many reasons.

Namely to bankrupt smaller governments, starve millions of people worldwide (their depopulation program), cause people to beg government for necessities in exchange for their cheap labor, to cause riots in the street so they can roll in their UN Peace Keepers and look like they have the solution to all of our problems with their One World Government.

Debt Fuels Economic Crisis

Causes of the Debt Crisis

The current crisis of debt affects billions of people around the world. It’s important that we understand how we got to this point.

Perhaps one of the most obvious causes of the financial crisis is the fact that all banks create money out of thin air for every loan they issue.

They never create the interest, therefore it becomes mathematically impossible to repay the debt plus the interest.

o, if they stop lending us new money for us to repay our existing debt, we see what we’re seeing now, money getting much tighter, Recession.

Governments need to NEVER borrow money.

High levels of debt can limit a country’s ability to provide its citizens with essential services as they re-allocate government revenue to make loan payments, which makes them have to tax their citizens.

This is another of the causes of the financial crisis: many countries manage the repaying of debt in an inefficient manner.

Yet another cause of debt is the very act of borrowing.

When countries and corporations default on their payments it forces a financial crisis only to the debtor, as bankers now get to foreclose on their property.

The crisis started in the U.S. when Americans allowed the creation of a privately owned central bank, whom after only 20 years in operation bankrupted the U.S. Government, June 10, 1933.

America’s Dedication to War Fuels Debt

Without a doubt, the United States has contributed greatly to the world’s financial crisis.

One reason for this is America’s dedication to the military at the expense of other social programs in the country, such as health care and education.

In fact, the public education system in U.S. is in alarming need of help.

Economists call this type of spending “opportunity costs”, which happens when some things, in this case social programs, aren’t funded because the money has been spent elsewhere.

The American government has shown it’s more interested in military funding than it is in taking care of the social needs of its citizens.

Some Americans will support funding the military, and going into debt to do so, in favor of national defense and fighting the so called War on Terrorism.

Other Americans will join the fight to bring the military home so that the government can focus more on national social issues.

World’s Poor Countries Affected Most by Debt

A great motive for borrowing money is poverty, which puts developing countries at the bottom of the ladder of debt.

Economic debts that developing countries incur will never be fully repaid for the simple reason that this is the M.O. of the banking mafia.

Create enormous amounts of money out of nothing, lend it to a government, bankrupt said government when it defaults, take over all natural resources, and ownership of said citizens.

Some developing countries are told by the World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to pay up to 25% of their export earnings as repayment towards the debt they owe.

But how can this be possible when no European country is repaying back its loan at more than 4% interest?

Common sense shows, as experienced throughout history, that the banking mafia are the cause of the majority of all the worlds financial crisis.

Why are we still allowing this debt crisis game to be played at the expense of all people? 

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