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Elitist Ideology Behind Forming The United Nations

The Elitist Ideology Behind Forming the United Nations is Psychopathic in Nature as Their Only Goal is World Domination and Enslavement.

The ideology behind forming the United Nations came from the banking elite, sometimes known as the Illuminati. This wealthy criminal cabal has been focused upon complete and total dominion over the world and it’s people for centuries.

They succeeded in this goal when the United Nations was founded in 1945 and have since intentionally followed an incremental plan toward putting that iron grip in place over the decades. These men will stop at nothing to monopolize, own and control everything and everyone.

They do not care what it costs because they own all the wealth, they do not care what the price is in human dignity for they have none, they do not care about honesty for they are utterly deceitful and THEY ARE NOT PEACEMAKERS.

The ideology behind forming the United Nations is not, nor has ever been, to help create peace among the nations. It is solely to help the banking elite and their New World Order.

The Definition Of a Psychopath
A psychopath is a person affected with an antisocial personality. The ideology behind forming the United Nations was instigated by the worst type of psychopathic behavior in that it contained complete antisocial behavior coupled with total rule over all human beings upon this planet.

The banking elite formed the UN to use within their framework for global dominion and are demanding a world that is completely dehumanized. The population will be treated as an expendable resource once it has served its purpose.

The ‘peacekeeping’ forces of the United Nations have been gathering the military of the United States and other nations to force everyone to their will. Peace and force do not belong together and that alone should have you thinking about the reality of the United Nations and its agenda.

Membership in the Un Means Surrendering
Allowing the ideology behind forming the United Nations to go unchallenged and to see that ideology encroaching upon every area in daily living while it diminishes the quality and rights of the human condition is immoral. Everyone needs to take responsibility for stopping this insanity and reclaiming the rights that have been for too long taken for granted.

The basic philosophy of the United Nations is totalitarian and the United States Declaration of Independence is being totally ignored. The United Nations is designed to create its own laws, restrict fundamental rights including but not exclusive to the rights to educate your children, the rights to bear arms, the rights to even have children, and the rights to own property.

Incremental Stages To The Plan
Brutal force was apparent within the United Nations Peace Forces all along, yet the banking elite knew that to really conquer the entire world it would have to be done by stealth, lies and brainwashing.

Words like peace, security, reserves, and patriotism are examples of the elitists playing upon people’s core beliefs. The elitists use these words as they creep in and take control of homes, property, monetary systems, constitutions and militaries.

The forming of the United Nations by the elitists was done to create a system of enforceable world law and order, with the UN being the maker and destroyer of all the laws and conditions that people would exist within.

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