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Federal Reserve System Fraud is Applauded by the Elite

The Federal Reserve System Fraud is Monstrous. We Cannot Stand by and Allow Elite Bank Crooks to Pillage What Money & Power America Has Left. 

Even though Bernie Madoff is the current poster child for Federal Reserve system fraud, similar situations have been going on for centuries.

In fact, the elites routinely rob money from the system without anyone ever saying a word about it.

Chances are, the only reason Madoff got censured is because he was starting to diverge from the elite agenda.

Many people do not realize just how damaging Federal Reserve System fraud is to the average consumer.

Among other things, when a person cannot accurately gauge the cost of goods and services, it becomes difficult to make investment decision.

Since former President Bush made a move to privatize retirement plans, this creates an enormous burden on people that must figure out which stocks to bet on in order to have enough money to live on during their retirement years.

This is just one of many reasons why rabid elites have so much fun when they commit bank fraud.

Regardless of whether they embezzle money right out of the cash registers or they use fake businesses, there is no end to the havoc they wreak.

Today, American Politicians are wholly incompetent when it comes to investigating the elites and catching them at their fraudulent games.

As are result, it is incumbent upon the people to investigate the elites and every single business that they plan on investing in.

Without a question, people that know how to add and subtract pose an enormous threat to the elites.

In fact, communist and nazi elites routinely monitor all kinds of communications looking for rogue math geniuses.

Perhaps this is the real reason why they went to so much effort to prevent American children from obtaining a decent education.

As long as Americans cannot count to ten with two hands, there is every chance they will be unable to detect Federal Reserve system fraud.

While the central bank exists, anyone that wants to have some money for the retirement years will give some serious thought to finding something other than the stock market to gamble on.

The Elite Addiction to Bank Fraud

In a sense, it can be said that Federal Reserve system fraud is like an addiction to fine chocolate.

Elites simply can’t resist looking for ways to steal money from poor people.

There is no question that elites would not be worthy of such a disgusting and repulsive title if they didn’t cut their baby teeth on figuring out how to scam the central bank.

Securities Exchange Fraud

While many people were horrified by Bernie Madoff’s actions, the elites were glad to have one of their now out of the way.

The only thing that bothers them is he managed to hide his money where they can’t get at it.

Rest assured, greedy vampire elites and their minions will get their fangs into it eventually.

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