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Fetch Art for iTunes in Tedium

Using Fetch Art for iTunes, People Lose Their Own Creative Artist. 

While you are searching for Fetch Art for iTunes, your mind and your well-being are being attacked by a banking mafia-lead agenda for a world power that begins with your mind.

The world is being hit with a barrage of information, of sights and sounds that, regardless of the intents of the individual internet businesses, the net effect is that people are loosing access to their own minds.

The banking mafia is an exceptionally exclusive group of elite men who own all major broadcasting and news media services and who also have a hidden hand in the government, big business and banking industry. 

In a global game of mind control, the barrage of meaningless information that is constantly fed into the human mind is constant as the banking mafia seek to keep people locked into their left brain, where facts and figures are processed in an almost robotic fashion, and out of their right brain, where creative and harmonious thoughts are processed. 

The human design is that the right brain feed the left so that the processor function of the left brain will be in service to the artistic, creative mind of the right.

The result of hours of Fetch Art for iTunes and hundreds of other programs taken to excess, is the people are never allowed the peace and quiet it takes to be in their right minds. 

It doesn’t mean the iTunes or that Apple is in on the game-there are simply those who are taking advantage of the huge profits that result from the endless search for trivia that occurs in the uncontrolled left brain. 

The result for the banking mafia few who seek global control as they establish a One World Government run by a Police State regional force, is that humanity is more easily kept in line so the banking mafia plans go off without the inconvenience of human resistance. 

Awakening Humanity and the Mind Game

There is an almost unlimited power that exists in the human mind; according to Albert Einstein: human beings have, at the very best, tapped only a small fraction of the power in the mind. 

Searching Fetch Art for iTunes, the mind control game of the global banking mafia can continue uninhibited on humanity. 

The banking mafia-having effectively studied the human brain for enslavement purposes-understand that, by keeping the processor of the left brain over stimulated, there is no outlet for the expression of creative energy that naturally flows through the brain from the mind of the individual. 

Fetch Art for iTunes: The Great Distraction

When you add to that the narcotics that are fed the children like candy, drugs like Ritalin and its clones are effectively making zombies out of the children at the very time of greatest growth of the brain, which is essential to the expression of art, music and even love. 

Humanity can deliver masterpieces, like the works of Beethoven, the art of Michelangelo, the math of Pythagoras, but not if the human mind is kept under the control of the banking mafia. 

Human Beings, or Human Robots?

Most people have felt the quickening that happens inside as they experience their own creative juices flow, but we have been taught from an early age to automatically stifle them. 

The banking mafia, utilizing tools like Fetch Art for iTunes, need robots to bring about the reality of the One World Government that is their goal-that runs counter to the human spirit, which demands freedom of expression and freedom of thought and of movement. 

There are on this planet those who would enslave you, make sure you are not also playing against your own higher purpose in life.

That requires a thoughtfulness that the school system, combined with big drug companies and a busy economy have tried to weed out of you. 

An yet, you have a choice. By focusing your attention on your own higher purpose, by the acknowledgment that you are more than a mere slave to the world economy and have a life to live and experience here, you can begin to bring about your own conscious awakening.

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