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Global Positioning System Accuracy

Global Positioning System Accuracy Has Given The Government The Means to Track Our Every Move And Brought The Fable of Big Brother to Life.

Over the years, as global positioning systems have advanced, global positioning system accuracy has grown by leaps and bounds.

What the government doesn’t tell you is that it isn’t anywhere close to making global positioning systems fit for the well-being of the people.

It is becoming scarily clear that global positioning system accuracy is becoming highly acute and effective in pinpointing the exact locations of select individuals and groups – with no limits.

Even during the Clinton administration, President Bill Clinton was making changes to the operation of global positioning systems in the United States, according to, a website devoted to industry news.

And still today, the rules governing GPS technology are helping to determine global positioning system accuracy.

When President Clinton was in office, his main focus concerning global positioning was to make the global positioning system more accurate, and to keep its effectiveness from declining for individual users.

Originally, the government had planned to decrease the quality of global positioning signals available to the average citizen, but President Bill Clinton halted this measure.

However, the U.S. government took this idea by the throat and went running with it.

The government wanted to reduce global positioning system accuracy, but the notion was rejected as officials hoped to make GPS systems so precise that they could easily pick up signals from users worldwide, in both the military and the world as a whole.

The laws that were enacted to govern and restrict the use of GPS systems have done little to help the American people.

In fact, they’ve done quite the opposite.

For decades, the United States government has force-fed people the notion that the government is only trying to protect them by implementing security measures that involve GPS spy techniques.

But that was before they realized they could find a wealth of information by tracking people using RFID tracking devices, which can be implanted under the skin.

Cloaked with the excuse that these tracking chips are necessary for national security, it is an outdated myth that no doubt does not sit well with the vast majority of Americans.

Medical technology for the human heart and limbs can now be easily tracked, and it most likely will not be long before the government sees this technology as an opportunity to keep tabs on us.

Implanting these devices in people may help the government increase global positioning system accuracy, but it also makes human beings a sort of human guinea pig.

In a nation where you have a right to privacy, the government certainly is sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong.

iPhone GPS Accuracy

The Role of Verichips RFID Devices in the 9/11 Attacks

In the aftermath of the terror attacks of 911, the government saw an urgent need to protect the lives of the living, those who helped rescue people and lived to tell the tale of that horrifying day.

The government did in fact implant VeriChip RFID tracking devices in workers helping in the rescue to pinpoint their location, should they be injured or get lost in the rubble.

While this was absolutely necessary at the time, it is important to remember that these tracking chips are no longer reserved for times of emergency.

Global Positioning System Accuracy and the Elite

VeriChip RFID tracking devices, which track people using satellites, are following people around and monitoring their every move.

It is the goal of the elite to constantly monitor and track large masses of people.

A critical point of reference here is the fact that the citizen’s right to privacy is conveniently ignored by the elite, as they work in favor of the notion that they have the right to know everything, according to an article in the Rational Argumentator.

Elite Beliefs and GPS

The ever-powerful financial / military / industrial elite believes they have the right to monitor all activities at the expense of the people, using the government and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of 1978 only helped further support their goal.

FISA governs GPS spy activity and was adapted to set guidelines for measures in the Patriot Act.

This, of course, is another sure sign that today’s corrupt politicians still believe it’s okay to modify outdated laws to modify unsavory laws and propagate the use of force by these means.

Always the U.S. Constitution is the ultimate victim.

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