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Global Positioning System Automobile

The Global Positioning System Automobile is Part of the Plan to Control You.

The global positioning system automobile is the wave of the future. 

Most new cars are equipped with GPS technology. 

It makes it easy to navigate the city and to know exactly where you are. 

The trouble is, it allows Big Brother to know where you are, as well. 

You might not be worried about it yet, but just as the all-pervasive government of Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” tracked and monitored every citizen, so, too, will our future government keep track of us unless we act soon. 

And like Orwell’s Oceania, our future government will control every aspect of our lives. 

The global positioning system automobile is just the first step. 

Already GPS technology is being put into our home stereos, cell phones and computers. 

The corporate banking mafia have much more planned for the future, as well. 

Imagine if the government knew where you were and what you were doing at any moment. 

Imagine have absolutely no privacy from your government and no right to complain- this is the future the banking mafia envision for you. 

Global Positioning System Automobile – Hint

It isn’t just about the global positioning system automobile. It is about the GPS technology and the reason for which those creating it plan to use it.

If you, like many people, think GPS is just about fancy gadgets that make our lives easier, you are in for a big surprise. 

The large corporations that create this technology are part of a movement for a new global government.

They have even created what is called the VeriChip. This tracking device is the first of its kind and is designed to be implanted directly into humans. 

The VeriChip and other GPS technology will be used to track and monitor citizens of the New World Order.

This order is coming into existence right now. These same corporate banking mafia are pushing for the creation of the North American Union. 

The NAU would combine Canada, Mexico and the U.S. into a single superstate.

This union would have its own laws and would end national sovereignty and borders of its constitute countries.

The North American Union – One of Many

The NAU is only one such Union. Already the European Union controls 27 countries and rules over 500 million people.

Similar unions are being formed on every continent. Guess who is backing their creation? 

The same corporate banking mafia are funding and implementing all of these various unions.

These banking mafia plan to merge all of these unions once they are completed.

This would effectively form a government that spans the globe. This is the New World Order. 

The New World Order

The New World Order would be run by the corporate banking mafia.

Its laws would be created by the banking mafia to benefit them and allow them to more easily control the population.

This would be the first successful domination of the entire earth and it is a real possibility. 

Unless we wake up and realize that we are quickly heading towards an Orwellian government of global proportion we will all be stuck as slaves under our corporate masters.

Research the New World Order and speak out for the correct cause of humanism before it is too late.

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