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Global Positioning System Cars are here to Stay

Global Positioning System Cars are the Governments Latest Method for Tracking Our Movements.

Global positioning system cars are a relatively new, but since it had such great success it has become available in a lot more vehicles.

GPS or global positioning is comprised of a group of 24 satellites that orbit the earth continuously providing mapping information to GPS units on earth, including how fast a vehicle is traveling, and pinpointing your exact location.

While you might feel like this GPS technology provides you with an extra degree of personal security, and helps you navigate the roadways, you need to take a step back and think about what the ability to track you using your vehicle means to your privacy.

The government isn’t forcing this technology on us.

Instead they have wisely turned to marketing and we’ve convinced ourselves we simply can’t live without it.

Whether it’s knowing where your kids are at all times because of GPS.

Whether it’s making it easier to find an address with the convenience of GPS.

Or perhaps it’s having the ability to give your customers a very close arrival time.

Whatever it is, GPS has been marketed as a technology we just don’t want to live without.

Global Positioning System Cars: OnStar

Then there are systems like GM’s OnStar GPS, which is marketed to our sense of safety.

After all what if you hit a tree and couldn’t call for medical aid, you might die unless you had OnStar in your vehicle.

So how have we managed to survive these past years?

Notice they never tell us how many lives were lost because they didn’t have OnStar and they also don’t tell us how many lives were saved because of OnStar.

Global positioning system cars are not really about your safety and the “what if” factor.

The GPS systems in new vehicles have little to do with you and everything to do with the government’s goals.

GPS and Total Control

Bush once made a comment about how things have to be repeated over and over and then we come to believe them.

When it comes to the use of GPS in vehicles, on boats, and even when we’re hiking they simply continued to tell us that we couldn’t find our way around with the ease that GPS could provide.

We’d never again take a wrong turn. But why does the government care where we are and what we are doing.

Three words – greed, power, and control. It’s the goal of a few wealthy elite that are working with our government and other governments around the world.

While global positioning system cars can track where you drive, other portable GPS units, including those in your cellular phone can track all of your other moves.

They are able to track your travelling and they have the ability to stop you in your tracks.

Technology isn’t to Protect Us It is to Harm Us

Whether we’re talking about GPS, our cellular phones, or any other form of technology we are always sold on its value by referring to safety and convenience.

And while it would be wonderful if it was all about protecting us and keeping us safe, it is not, and so we must face reality. 

The reality is the wealthy elite have a goal and they are using technologies such as GPS and RFID’s to eventually bring total control into their hands.

The New World Order is nearing and they want to make sure that those that would cause civil unrest can be stopped.

So do you still think GPS is a technology you want in your life?

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