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Global Warming Cause and Effect

The Global Warming Cause and Effect Truth and When Will the World Learn it is Really All About Money and Control? 

Many questions surround global warming cause and effect but yet we are not allowed to find out the truth for ourselves and make our own determinations as the powers that control such special interest groups have a lot of money at stake.

The government expects Americans to accept the theory that manmade CO2 emissions are causing the demise of our world. 

We are being told it is up to us to slow down the warming of the earth and to eventually stop and reverse it.

In reality, global warming is unjustified scientifically and has extraordinarily damaging economic impacts on the developed world when we are told these lies. 

However, this has been the plan since 1961 and many have forgotten that important fact.

The truth of the matter is the earth has been warmer in the past than what it is today, or has been in recent years. 

However, this information is not being publicly noticed as the media is being hushed about it, we are only told what the Feds want us to hear. 

In fact, upon trying to gather information on these facts one will find that many websites relating to this particular subject have been torn down. 

Global warming cause and effect can have a great impact on our future but this is not what is being argued by the scientists, in fact, it is mankind’s ability to create this problem that is in question.

They are Hiding Information

Global warming cause and effect issues are being denied research and media coverage on a daily basis.

The mainstream media and governmental agencies all around the world are hiding information that may cut into profits of some of the biggest proponents of global warming. 

Such places as the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) is making significant changes to their temperature records of earth.

The information that they downgraded the magnitude of recent rises was never made public by the mainstream media.

This is where most of the climate change challenges lie. 

The question will never be answered unless the media, government, and the special interest groups benefiting from tax dollars, most of which go to the criminal bankers at the Federal Reserve and politicians such as Al Gore, decide to allow scientists to perform their duties in the manner in which they were meant to.

Unfortunately, this is not a part of their global plan to control the world finances. 

Funding not Distributed Evenly

If we are to live in a free world it will be necessary to allow scientists to do their job of proving, scientifically, the theories that other scientists have concluded from assumptions. 

The scientists whose duties are to challenge and test set assumptions are not receiving the funding necessary to determine whether or not manmade emissions of CO2 are causing a greenhouse effect on the earth.

Global warming cause and effect is seriously fabricated by the banking conglomerate who stand to gain substantially.

The hypothesis that the manmade addition of CO2 has led to the enhanced greenhouse warming, many accept as truth, without other scientists having the ability to accept this normal scientific challenge.

This is just another way that our rights are being stripped away little by little.

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