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Gulf of Mexico Oil Reserves

Misguided Propaganda Surrounding Gulf of Mexico Oil Reserves and Other Crude Oil Sources Outside the Middle East. 

It is often said 2/3 of the world’s crude oil lies in the Middle East. 

This is a rough estimate based on faulty logic, and it is simply not true. 

There are a multitude of other opportunities to boost crude oil reserves and production throughout the world. 

The banking mafia spreads these lies to keep its stranglehold on the common citizen who has little knowledge of or interest in exploring the subject for himself. 

The Middle East does have 54 percent of ‘identified reserves,’ which is nowhere close to what the mainstream media reports. 

Perhaps the most serious aspect of this exploitation of the average citizen’s ignorance is the fact that the United States government bases much of its foreign policy on these numbers. 

Many people take for granted that crude oil reserves and production have peaked, and no substantial new amounts of oil are even possible to develop. 

The fact is, there is no way to know how much oil may remain under the Earth’s crust in places like the Gulf of Mexico oil reserves. 

The science of calculating the amount of oil left is based on rudimentary estimates at best. 

The issue of declining oil reserves is often based on estimates of proven reserves. 

However, proven reserves cannot be used as an accurate measure of future supply. 

There is currently no scientific method for accurately predicting where oil may be found in the future. 

Most statistics also do not account for the fact that new technology may make previously unreachable reserves more accessible. 

Additionally, statistics do not generally include reserves that lie in protected areas.

Fearful Atmosphere

The manipulation of statistics for crude oil left in places like the Gulf of Mexico oil reserves are nothing more than a tool for the banking mafia. 

Peak oil propaganda is an essential weapon for advancing their totalitarian One World Government structure.

This type of government will thrive in an atmosphere of fear. 

Regional Stats

According to a mostly unknown report published by the U.S. Geological Survey in 2000, there is actually more oil outside the Middle East in places like the Gulf of Mexico oil reserves than there is within the region. 

Other stats can hardly be considered if they only take into account the amount of oil in one small region. 

Knowledge is Power

The banking mafia-controlled government creates oil crises in order to raise gas prices and incite fear. 

Education is perhaps the most powerful weapon that may be used against the coming totalitarian One World Government. 

Gulf of Mexico oil reserves and others must be tapped in order to reduce dependence on foreign oil.

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