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Hidden Causes of Ukraine Genocide

The Causes of Ukraine Genocide, Initiated by Soviet Leaders, Led to the Deaths of Millions of Innocent People. The NWO Elite Are Using Genocide to Depopulate Earth.

The causes of Ukraine genocide were not, unlike other famines, due to conditions in the climate over which the people had no control. They came from deliberate decisions made by soviet authorities at the direction of the New World Order elites.

Millions of Ukrainian people starved to death in 1932 and 1933 because Joseph Stalin, the leader of the USSR, intended to punish them for their resistance to the collectivization of property. The greed and mismanagement of the Soviet government is directly responsible, in several ways, for the death of so many people.

Ukrainian people were victims to a crime of such horror that it seems impossible to understand. The Great Famine, or Holodomor as it is known to Ukrainians, was organized by the Soviet state all an effort to industrialize the country so as not to fall behind other countries in the modernization of the country.

During the entire Soviet rule it was a crime against the state for Ukrainians to even talk about what had been done to their people. Memoirs of eyewitness accounts to the famine were considered to be propaganda and were banned from the state.

The causes of Ukraine genocide, although explained here, are hard to understand in the world we live in today, yet this crime happened only a mere 76 years ago.

Main Causes of the Famine
The USSR believed that private enterprise and private property were manipulative capitalist ideals and that collective property was much more superior both in areas of efficiency and social fairness. The Soviet government decided that the collectivization of agriculture would lead the way in the industrialization of the nation, however since most of the population was rural there weren’t enough people to work in industries.

Also at this time agriculture methods were very inefficient and the USSR was concerned that they were falling behind Germany, Britain, and the United States in modernization. This became one of the main causes of Ukraine genocide, when Soviet leaders decided that something had to be done at once to modernize the agriculture system in the country even if it took force to do so.

Many people in rural areas were convinced to move to the cities where they would work in industry jobs. The rest of the people would be structured onto collective farms, where the agriculture would be run and managed by the government just as the rest of the economy was being controlled. These collective farms would produce exactly what the Soviet government wanted.

Inhumane Treatment of Peasants
Due to these changes population in the cities grew. At the same time, through mismanagement and poor planning by the government, agriculture quotas weren’t enough to supply cities with what they needed. More concerned with turmoil in urban areas than they were about the rural population, the government started to requisition as much grain as they could even if it left the peasants without any.

Determination by Soviet leaders to industrialize the nation as quickly as possible meant they had to export large portions of grain to other countries so they could finance their efforts. This was another of the leading causes of Ukraine genocide, the pressure to meet the export quotas.

When it was apparent that the grain harvest in 1932 wouldn’t meet the expectations and requirements of the Soviet leaders, they reacted radically. They blamed the decrease in grain on the farmers who had resisted the organization of their farms and who they believed were withholding some of the grain meant as part of the quota to the government.

The Soviet government, using “shock brigades,” raided farms and collected grain, not caring whether they left enough for the peasants to feed themselves or enough seeds to ensure that next year’s harvest could be planted. Another of the main causes of Ukraine genocide was this disregard for human lives and for the future.

The Death of Millions
The result of this action was nothing short of a catastrophe for the Ukrainian people. In just a few months the rural regions were consumed with famine. Soviet leaders avidly denied any reports of famine, doing what they could to stop foreign journalists from traveling through this part of the country. In no way did the Soviets want to admit that they were behind the causes of Ukraine genocide.

The Politburo ordered that the farmers and peasants not suffer and that children should be given milk immediately. They stated that anyone not providing resources and medical aid to victims of the famine would be prosecuted. However, even these actions were inadequate in helping the peasants. Grain seed stocks for 1933 were far too scarce to ensure the next harvest would prevent further famine.

In 1933 the Soviet government once again increased grain acquisitions to make sure the rising urban population had enough to eat. Exports to other countries continued. The rural population reacted with resistance but because of a low density in population, and because so many of them were illiterate, they were never able to organize a protest that was strong enough to make a difference.

The Soviet government responded to any attempts at protest by the peasants with violence, many times deporting entire villages. The famine continued and men, women, and children starved to death, or died of other unnatural causes, in numbers that are still hard to fathom today. It’s estimated that in 1934 approximated seven million peasants died.

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