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How is Google as Big Brother?

Google as Big Brother Conquers All Computing-related Markets Worldwide.

It is hard not to think of google as big brother considering the way the company towers over the other companies in the field of computing products, software and other accessories.

Some analysts have carried out investigations on why the brand “google” has become such a hotcake that users feel at home with: their findings have pointed to the fact that the management structure at google provides a comfortable environment for development in every sector of the company.

And this has resulted in the production of new applications, software and programs that continue to have wider usage among the users worldwide.

If the definition of big brother connotes any system or entity that enjoys a towering control over a certain area of operation, then the assertion that google as big brother is quite true.

The company enjoys appreciable level of success in all ramifications of e-marketing, Internet applications, software production and most importantly in the search engine and optimization business.

Google as big brother may be formidable for other players to compete with. And this has brought a great concern to those who see the company creating anti-competition strategies in order to stay on top of the computing market.

Is it true that google operates a form of monopolistic tendency in the computing market?

What are the effects of such a practice on the users or consumers?

Google Takes Over the Earth

Understanding Monopolistic Effects

The effects of allowing a single company to enjoy an unchecked monopoly in any field may be disastrous: it could cause problem of product choices.

Google as big brother may utilize the opportunity of being the chief player in IT market to single-handedly manipulate prices and inconvenient users to cough out more money than necessary.

Any act of monopoly is a social ill wind that blows no one any good, whether the users or the other companies that are not strong enough to withstand google’s stance in the market.

Success Factors

It may be helpful to discuss some success factors that make google to be what it is today: learning about these success-oriented strategies the company adopt may instigate a sense to pursue individual success at all cost.

First, the irrepressible desire to take a risk in a particular endeavor: one must possess the temerity to a step towards achieving a particular goal.

Second, rolling out appealing products serve as magnets to attract numerous users. Google may not be the best IT company out there, but it has got array of products that users are willing and ready to use.

Third, perseverance in the face of stiff competition in a computing field that is full of rivalry among the old companies as well as the newly established ones.

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