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Is Surviving Big Brother Government Possible?

Surviving Big Brother Government is Possible.

George Orwell’s 1984 is the story of a future society, where individualism has been eliminated, where propaganda (main stream media) is used to control the masses and where perpetual war (war on terror) is being waged to maintain the “peace”. 

In 1984, false is true and wrong is right, history is constantly being rewritten to support whatever the regime is currently doing–and where Big Brother watches your every move. 

The parallels between our modern world and that of George Orwell’s 1984 are unbelievable. 

The Ministry of Truth, the Thought Police, the political manipulation of language to distort reality, the hidden censorship of political correctness, and the war on terror as a control mechanism, all echo the themes of 1984. 

Number one rule for surviving Big Brother is to be able to recognize propaganda or information control and not to succumb to it. 

Last fall’s Presidential elections were so loaded with propaganda (the main stream media), rewriting history (government schools), and misinformation (mainstream media), it was sickening and frustrating how many people did not see it. 

The number two rule for surviving Big Brother is to use the internet for the truth and avoid Big Brother’s media and government spin and emotional triggering ploys, like soaps and media titillation, to keep rational thought at bay. 

It can be summed up in the word’s of one of 1984’s characters, O’Brien, when he said:

“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.”

In the middle of this totalitarian “utopia”, there is one man, Winston Smith, who dares to question authority and who seeks a life and love for himself. 

Winston Smith, the hapless hero, believes he is thwarting Big Brother but in the end, Winston is simply a pawn in a vast conspiracy. 

1984 is a chilling read for sure, and implies that the omnipotent state will ultimately win. 

However, even as Winston Smith lives out his days in diminished manhood, he clings on to one idea–that if there is any hope at all, it lies with the proles. 

Now, the “proles” were the ordinary people, the masses, the great unwashed.

These people were cannon fodder and largely ignored by the powers that be.

Smith’s hope was that one day the proles (ordinary people) would “wake up”, and in so doing by force of numbers sweep away the vast illusion of totalitarian government power. 

Stop the Big Brother State

Government Control is an Illusion

Rule number three for surviving Big Brother is to recognize that the all-powerful government is an illusion.

State power is only effective as long as those subject to it “believe” in it.

The state has no power except what we grant it. Its power is derived from our willingness to give up our own power. 

The state’s primary role is to instill in its subjects the idea that it is absolutely necessary, and that without it, life would be miserable and chaotic. 

Government schools, manipulation and control of the media, spin, censorship, fear-mongering, doomsday scenarios, mass hysteria, religious symbolism, and “grand visions”, are all tools of the state in its constant quest to maintain control over people.

And if that doesn’t work, well there’s always tear gas, guns, and tanks! 

The only thing that can destroy this illusion is if people simply ignore it and act as if it wasn’t there.

Take one example, that of income tax. Taxation is money expropriated from you by force.

If you do not pay your taxes and continue to ignore threats to do so, then you will be charged and likely incarcerated. 

If you, as an individual, try to stand up to the government and refuse to pay your taxes, take a card and “Go Directly to Jail!”

You, by yourself, cannot hope to oppose the government on its own terms. You must set your own terms. 

Rule number four for surviving Big Brother is for everyone to simply say “no” in unison.

There is absolutely nothing the government could do about it.

It could not fine everybody (no one will pay). It can’t imprison everybody. It certainly cannot “do everyone in.”

With this, the government would be exposed for what it is, a charade, an emperor with no clothes. 

The government’s ultimate power is its ability to control the flow of information. And that’s exactly how “Big Brother” operated in 1984.

All information was in constant flux, managed and massaged to suit the purposes of the party.

History, accounts of previous events or policy announcements, was rewritten to support the present day policies and purposes of the party. 

Language itself was being manipulated to eliminate even the words that could be used to initiate certain thought processes, thoughts that could lead to rebellion (politically correct language). 

The Internet Offers Free Expression

Go back to rule number two for the survival of Big Brother and take another look at the internet. The internet is a revolutionary tool.

Never before has there been a medium of communication which links the whole world and where ordinary individuals can both read and say whatever they like. 

In 1984, the ordinary people were completely subjugated because of the government’s control over information. The control was total. 

Even states like China cannot hope to completely control the internet.

They block access to the main news site of They block other specified domains.

They are seeking ways to enforce content control on those who host sites.

But China is not succeeding. Citizens are clever and finding the way to truth. 

Surviving Big Brother can be accomplished in so many different ways.

It’s just a matter of “waking up” and seeing where the power really resides and it is with you and everyone around you!

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