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Know why You Can’t Find Family Values

Good Find Family Values Are Kept Out of the Media on Purpose.

It’s hard to find family values in the media today. Have you ever looked for a program on television that you truly felt your children should be watching? 

It seems impossible to find family values on television or in the movies that are appropriate. 

It seems that everywhere we look our children are presented with negative role models that have no responsibilities or morals. 

Promiscuity and detachment are extolled as the way our teenagers should behave.

Parents let their children watch this programming anyway and then wonder why families and marriages are failing around them. 

Where can we find family values today that we can be proud of? 

It turns out that is no accident that we can’t find family values on the television or in the movies that are anything other than negative. 

This is because 90% of our country’s media is owned by a small group of large corporations. 

The owners of these corporations are using the media to degrade the traditional family structure. 

They want families to by dysfunctional so that children must find family values from sources outside of the family. 

They want children to be raised by the educational institutions instead of their parents. 

Desire to End Traditional Families

Did you know that the same corporate banking mafia behind the lax morals we see today were also behind the women’s suffrage movement?

Can you guess why? It wasn’t because they believed in equality and fairness but because they believed it would have a detrimental effect on traditional family structures. 

They want children to come from broken homes because they want the schools to raise children.

The banking mafia wants children in school as young as possible.

They want to use the school system to indoctrinate our children into the new society they are attempting to create.

The Corporate Vision

The corporate banking mafia are attempting to wrestle authority from our government. Even now they are financing the North American Union.

This union would combine all of North America into a single superstate. It would end our government and our country as we know them. 

We would have a new currency and new laws. The borders between the US and Mexico and Canada would disappear.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights would become ineffectual. The NAU would mean the successful takeover of our country. 

You might think this could never happen, but it nearly has. While we are distracted and mislead by the corporate-controlled media, the leaders of these countries have already signed the initial agreements for the NAU.

This is a conspiracy being orchestrated at the highest level. 

The New World Order

The corporate banking mafia are striving to create a new society in which their power is supreme and they use propaganda to control the masses.

They plan on using propaganda even with school children ensuring that a subservient society is cultivated from the very beginning. 

It is time we wake up to what is going on. Big Brother is nearly here and unless we realize what the banking mafia is up to, we will be living under the absolute rule of a corporate-run tyranny.

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