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Let’s Examine why Global Warming is a Myth

Is it Possible That Global Warming is a Myth?

If global warming is a myth, then who started it and why?

Global warming is presented to the public as a very serious issue – one that could mean life or death for the planet and humankind, unless we take drastic action now.

Humanity is seemingly poised on the brink of an unprecedented precipice and our fate depends upon the choices we make and the legislations that we pass in order to ensure our future.

The peril is obvious: we either act now or face dire consequences.

This is the cry that we hear constantly from the media, scientists, bureaucrats, environmental advocates, and concerned citizens around the globe.

But what if global warming is a myth?

We are being told that the earth is heating up and that it is the largely fault of humanity for pouring toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.

The blame largely lies on the production and consumption levels in industrialized countries, especially the United States, which produces around 20% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Carbon dioxide is one of several greenhouse gases that get trapped in the earth’s atmosphere, which a group of scientists claim is cooking the planet – but is human activity really causing the earth to heat up to dangerous levels?

Global Warming is a Myth

The topic of global warming is a highly publicized and politicized debate, one that reaches right into the heart of every feeling person alive.

Who doesn’t want to ensure a sound environmental future for their children?

Who doesn’t want to see the continued survival of polar bears and the continuously frosty peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro?

For these reasons, the controlling elite are able to deftly fabricate the global warming hoax, because it is so easy for emotionally-driven folks to swallow.

It’s a righteous cause – saving the planet. But are we forgetting that the planet has been around for 4.5 billion years, of which 4.49 billion years our species was not even on it?

It is true that there are natural, cyclical changes to the earth’s climate. The ice ages are a perfect example.

There is evidence of climate changes, floods, giant volcanic eruptions and other major catastrophes throughout the planet’s history… none of which we humans we involved in.

Species and civilizations arise and fall throughout history. They flourish, peak and decline, adapting to the whims and throes of nature.

In the grand scheme of things, altering the earth’s climate is beyond the ability of man.

What’s the Point of the Global Warming Myth?

Global warming is an ideal way to scare people into submission.

It is a carefully conceived deception of the controlling elite, one that distracts the masses from more urgent issues – such as the development of America into a fascist, controlling police state.

The global warming myth manipulates our survival instinct to the fullest. When it’s a matter of life and death, all other issues and concerns fall away.

The people will do anything to be saved, even asking the governments of the world to unite in a global effort to reverse climate change and ensure our planet’s future.

Who Benefits from the Global Warming Myth?

This is where the elite is really able to pull the wool over our eyes: because we begged them to save us, they see fit to pass legislation (such as the Kyoto Protocol) that results in regulations and restrictions of varying types for all countries on the globe.

This amounts to an economic stranglehold on the entire planet as each country struggles to comply with the new rules.

A treaty such as the Kyoto Protocol would produce great economic harm while doing little to combat the alleged problem.

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