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New Cell Phone Surveillance Applications

Cell Phone Surveillance Applications Turn Your Phone Into Spyware and Allow the Government to Watch and Listen to Your Every Move Without You Knowing It.

Cell phone surveillance applications give the government all the information they need for the Big Brother police state we live in.

The government has access to your cell phone and all of the features that it contains and they are using this technology against you.

Millions of Americans carry cell phones for protection, to keep in communication with their friends and to keep personal information.

The problems with these devices is that anyone at anytime can access the features of the phones and use them as spy ware and gather any information they want from you.

They are tapping into your phones network system and listening and recording your conversations.

Any of the information that is stored in your phone is fair game to the government who wants as much discriminating information on you that they can get.

With the creation of more and more technology the big brother government’s job gets easier and easier because they have access to all of your life.

They can get the e-mails that you send from your phone and access the camera that is basic on all cell phones and watch your every move.

The government is using cell phone surveillance applications to obtain all of the evidence they will need when the time comes.

They have placed this information along with your medical records, credit card records and computer information they have stolen in a master database of your life.

They have all the information they will need to prosecute you as a prisoner of the state when the actual police state in America has begun.

They are always watching and listening to you in the hopes that you will slip up one day and give them the information that they need.

They are biding their time and when they feel that the time is right, they will use this information that they have gathered and you will be a prisoner in their concentration camps.

No one with a cell phone is safe because of the cell phone surveillance applications that are readily available today.

Anyone has access to these applications and they are becoming widespread in America for people that are trying to catch their spouse cheating.

A simple web search will give you dozens of places that sell this technology that the government has had for years.

How the NSA Uses Your Cell Phone to Spy on You

Times in Government Have Changed

The Orwellian civilization that was feared in science fiction novels and movies is upon you.

The government has total access to all parts of your life and they are taking advantage of the technology of today.

Big Brother Technology

They have access to your cell phone GPS system and can triangulate your position anywhere in the world within a few feet.

Cell phone surveillance applications are making the government’s job of watching you easy and they are taking total advantage of it.

Watch your back and think before you speak into your cell phone, you never know when big brother is tuning into your cell phone.

2 Comments on - New Cell Phone Surveillance Applications

  • Terrance Maurice Gordon February 4, 2020 Reply

    You kidding, but I can see your not.

  • February 10, 2020 Reply

    I took GIS in school and saw many of the marvelous technologies developed in the space programs that have application in warfare and domestic uses as well. Insiders like David Wilcock and Corey Good add to our knowledge database of secret govt. information. Is there any way of erasing one’s personal history? Also why was your video removed and not updated or replaced?

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