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NYC Flyover Picture

NYC Flyover Picture Provides Another Lost Opportunity to Reflect on Why U.S. Feels Threatened.

One look at the NYC flyover picture from April 27, 2009, and it is obvious why New York officials were outraged.

On that day, by design or by accident, the federal government failed to sufficiently advise New York City officials and the public.

Chaos ensued in downtown Manhattan where the public thought a plane was going to crash into the downtown area as it had in 2001 or that the presidential jet was about to be shot down.

This paranoia is natural in the light of 9/11 events and it is natural that the Mayor and other officials were outraged that the back up Air Force One and 2 F-16 fighter jets buzzed the lower harbor area with no warning.

To add further insult to this psychologically inflicted injury, the jets were on some sort of White House/FAA public relations photo shoot which cost taxpayers $328,835.

One head has rolled in the White House and perhaps lessons in PR and around improving White House communications will be learned.

There is an opportunity for Americans to learn other lessons.

There was a missed opportunity for reflection in 2001 when the 9/11 events took place, reflection over what truly had caused those events.

Causes of U.S. Attacks Still Ignored

The chance for reflection and addressing these root causes were ignored.

The pain was converted into fear, paranoia and a rallying cry to ignite a series of resource pilfering wars that continue to date in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Now the NYC flyover picture presents a new opportunity for introspection. Why should Americans live in fear when they see a plane fly overhead?

Can the roots of what provokes such hatred against Americans not be examined?

U.S. policy in the Middle East is based on oil and the access to, or better still, control of that oil by U.S. energy corporations.

Its all About Oil

I order to maintain oil access, repressive dictatorships have been supported throughout the Middle East including that of Saddam Hussein until he was deemed a more useful villain than friend.

The NYC flyover picture and accompanying videos of the panic in the lower Manhattan streets should give Americans insight and empathy with the feelings of Palestinian and Iraqi families at the slightest sign of planes overhead.

The Business of the War on Terror

The NYC flyover picture should provoke reflection for the number of Iraqi and Palestinian children that had been slaughtered from the air prior to 9/11 and in its wake.

But no officials or any of the mainstream corporate media have made the parallel. Once again this opportunity for empathy and intelligent reflection has been ignored.

The US political class, in the end, echoes the Bush propaganda, or vice versa.

America’s freedoms and jealousy of its openness and democracy makes it the target of forces that seek to impose tyranny. That is what they have said. It is a lie.

The tyrants that run the country ensconced in their banks boardrooms and oil company penthouses laugh while their media simply transmits the canned propaganda to the masses.

The monopoly on real decision making by the rich remains unquestioned.

Working people and poor are sent to fight one another. It is all the more opportunity for expanding profits for the wealthy at the expense of most of the planet’s impoverished majority.

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