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Pollution Free Energy Can Reverse Global Warming

Pollution Free Energy Sources Are Concealed by the Elite to Keep People Enslaved to Oil Paradigm.

Pollution free energy is something that the world is ready for, as global warming has taken a turn for the worse and the planet is in peril like never before.

The damage that has been done to the planet can be reversed, but that can only happen if this type of energy is able to make it into the mainstream and completely replace energy that is created from oil.

No matter what the politicians try to make people believe, there is no doubt that global warming is caused by the pollution that is occurring on a daily basis, and there is no doubt that the only way to reverse the damage that global warming has caused is to change the way energy is created.

Politicians and those in the oil industry have worked to suppress the facts in regards to global warming, as they believe if they continue to claim global warming is not caused by pollution, eventually people will believe that to be a fact.

They also work to suppress pollution free energy sources, because those sources will not make them the money they feel they are entitled to have.

These business men and politicians are suppressing this technology and allowing the world to fall victim to global warming, and it is all to meet their own needs.

They are willing to sacrifice the planet for money as they refuse to look at the long term effects that they are causing the environment.

They refuse to take a look at the fact that they are making the planet worse for their children and their grandchildren, just as they refuse to look at the fact that if something is not done soon, it will honestly be too late.

Pollution free energy is needed now, as soon, the effects of global warming will not be able to be reversed and the situation will continue to get worse.

Every time the elite and politicians strike down a new source of energy, they are allowing the world to be destroyed, and they are only doing it for the selfish reason of money.

The elite are going to cause the collapse of the world and yet they refuse to acknowledge they are doing this.

Real Price of Oil

Oil costs so much more than the price that is seen. It costs people clean air.

It costs people a planet. Most of all, it costs a place to leave for future generations.

Right now, people are the guardians of the planet and they are failing.

The reason they are failing is because the elite will not back off.

They will not allow pollution free energy to come to the mainstream because they are afraid of the financial fallout they will feel personally.

Free Energy and Autonomy

The only way to break away from the elite is to break away from the oil industry.

As long as people are dependent on oil, they will be linked to the elite and the elite will be in control.

If people are going to do anything on their own, they must find a way to use the free energy that is available.

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