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Protest Against Iraq War?

Protest Against Iraq War and Find Yourself to be a Criminal.

Protest against Iraq War has been made illegal. 

The majority of Americans now believe that the war in Iraq is a mistake and it should not continue. 

They understand that the world was lured into war under false pretenses and that the U.S.’s presence there is not beneficial to anyone, least of all the Iraqi people. 

The Bush administration was aware of this so they prohibited public protest against Iraq. 

They hoped that this will make people afraid to speak the truth about Iraq for fear of the repercussions. 

President Bush passed an “Executive Order” on the 17th of July 2007 named “Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq”. 

This vague and sweeping law can affect anyone who is suspected of directly or indirectly posing a threat to America’s dealings in the Middle East. 

Their assets will be frozen or seized by the U.S. Treasury Department giving them no way to defend themselves. 

This “law” was yet another display of Bush’s disrespect for the American Constitution as Congress did not have to read or accept it. 

Protest Against Iraq War Danger

The most frightening thing about this law is that it may affect just about anyone.

Anyone who could “pose a significant risk” in the stabilization efforts could include anything from attending an anti-war rally to refusing your child go to war. 

Protesting the illegal occupation, raping of resources and killing of innocent civilians in Iraq can lead to the complete confiscation of property.

Without their assets, people cannot defend themselves and so the government has all the power. The peace movement is now criminal.

Protest Against Iraq War Unconstitutional

Bush’s executive order is a direct violation of the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment which guarantees the right to free speech, the press and to protest.

Bush insists that the threat to national security is so strong and ominous that everything short of martial law should be passed. 

The escalating deception and violation of civil liberties has reduced America into a silenced dictatorship.

It is the citizen’s right and duty to expose this type of government and build a society that benefits its people. 

Protest Against Iraq War Results

America is on the road to becoming a police state. Lies have gone unchecked and unprosecuted and though Bush is out of office his legacy still remains.

People believe that they should not be worrying about these laws because they do not affect the average man on the street, but this is a big mistake. 

Freedoms are being taken away one by one and eventually they will begin to take affect.

We will be helpless and have no defense unless we object now.

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