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Protest of War in Iraq Means Trouble

Any Protest of War in Iraq Can Fall Under an Unconstitutional Executive Order.

Protest of war in Iraq should be our right. We have freedom of speech, and can express our opinions. 

At least, this is what our Constitution tells us. However, the Bush administration saw it differently. 

He signed two orders into law that destroy our Constitutional rights. 

He is only working for the wealthy banking cartel, who is using him to forward their objectives. 

These criminal bankers are working to build a one-world government. 

A vital part of that is having a way to remove dissenters and protestors from the ranks of citizens. 

Like a George Orwell society, our world will be one of heavy surveillance. 

A tyrannical police state is what we will have, unless we act. The war in Iraq is a piece of these international bankers’ strategic plan. 

Popular consensus can’t turn against the war. 

With the executive order titled “Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq”, anyone seeming to threaten the New World Order can have their assets seized.

This is far worse and more oppressive than even arresting those involved in non-violent protests against the war.

Stopping Protest War in Iraq

When the police can step in and arrest teens who are making their voices heard against the war in Iraq, it seems bad enough, but former President Bush took it a step further.

With the two executive orders he signed, he tried to make himself some kind of dictator or god. He played along with the international banking cabal. 

Bush belonged to the major front group of these bankers, the Council on Foreign Relations.

He has a history of working side by side with the bad guys. These orders push us into a position of tyranny.

Anyone could be labeled as a troublemaker and have everything he owns taken from him. It’s not easy to get it back, either. 

Horrific Results of Order

Not only are assets seized from any person who is determined to have posed a risk of some kind to our “efforts” in Iraq.

If anyone has materially assisted them in some way, they are also under attack.

Bush covered all bases with this one! It’s quite an achievement for the banking mob. It’s so broad as to pick on anyone. 

The insolence of our past “leader” is astounding. He went so far as to include a section five, which states that no prior notice to the interested party is necessary.

This means that someone who is considered a threat to U.S. actions in Iraq could wake one morning with all his assets gone, a subject of the State. 

Someone simply on the grid doing innocent protest of war in Iraq could be targeted and have his assets seized.

This completely bypasses the U.S. Constitution and our rights and liberties.

Further, a second order covering action in Lebanon stated that a person’s spouse or dependent children could also have their property frozen. 

Too Open to Interpretation 

The orders are broad and open to interpretation which could endanger any U.S. citizen who makes his voice heard.

But don’t allow this to stop your protest of war in Iraq. The Constitution isn’t completely discredited yet.

We still have this to fall back on. We must stand tall and not let them intimidate us.

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