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Reason for Tamiflu Discount

Is the Tamiflu Discount Really Worth it and Will it Protect us?

Tamiflu is heralded as a wonder drug which can cure swine flu and avian flu.

We are led to believe that millions of lives are at risk because of swine flu but is this really the case?

The only reason we suspect that so many lives are in danger is because the media always tell us that there have been new cases.

Swine flu has killed a few hundred people all around the world but even so we are scared into thinking that it will spell the end of the world.

Regular flu kills around 37,000 people each and every year so why is swine flu getting so much attention?

Swine flu isn’t actually a very severe virus and most of the deaths were either from developing countries with poor medical care or the young or old.

Even so we are convinced that we need help if we stand any chance of surviving.

The media is creating a state of hysteria where we don’t know what we will do in order to survive.

The media have already broached the subjects of martial law and vaccinations.

It’s very strange that the vaccinations were available pretty much as soon as the first case was confirmed.

It’s almost like someone has been preparing for the outbreak and that it wasn’t really a surprise at all.

The wonder drug which is supposed to treat us is Tamiflu and the government are convincing us that this will cure the condition in any patient.

Even though the drug apparently works and we apparently need it no Tamiflu discount is offered.

Someone is making a lot of money from the sale of Tamiflu.

Tamiflu Lies

The real people in control of America aren’t the politicians or even the president. The only people that can make decisions are the powerful elite.

It’s these people that run the central banks and can legally print money.

This makes them the most powerful people on the planet. They have controlled us for hundreds of years by lying to us.

Recently their techniques have become more sophisticated which makes it harder to work out what’s really going on.

They have funded and developed a number of diseases such as swine flu which have since been released into the population.

These are genetically engineered viruses which can be treated by Tamiflu. It’s amazing that the viruses they release all need Tamiflu.

There is no need to offer a Tamiflu discount because we are told that it’s essential we have it.

They are creating a market for an otherwise worthless drug.

The drug is manufactured under exclusive license by Roche.

However the intellectual rights of the drug are owned by Gilead Sciences Inc.

This is the very same company that Rumsfeld owns a large stake of.

This means that the elite directly profit from things that can potentially endanger our health because we are scared into believing that we need to take Tamiflu.

The manufactures don’t offer Tamiflu discounts because they can sell the drug however much they charge for it.

If the pandemic gets worse then they will be able to sell even more doses.

The Future

What’s more Tamiflu is passed out of the body in urine which will eventually make its way into the water supply.

When animals drink the water they are being exposed to tiny amounts of the virus.

This will give viruses the possibility to mutate and jump the species barrier.

The elite are very clever using Tamiflu because it will automatically create new threats to the planet.

This should mean that they don’t need to go to the trouble of making and spreading viruses themselves.

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