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Remote Controlled Spy Plane

Meet the Remote Controlled Spy Plane.

Perhaps you know about drone aircraft that can soar at incredible heights and perform everything from missile launches to spying missions. 

This sort of remote controlled spy plane has been around since the 1960s, and only in recent years has it become a mainstream concept. 

People tend to be fairly comfortable with the notion of unmanned aircraft performing dangerous or covert missions. 

This is generally due to the fact that the public is told the aircraft will save lives. 

Fewer soldiers in combat situations; few police in dangerous neighborhoods and fewer highly skilled pilots working in risky scenarios are all touted as benefits of a remote controlled spy plane. 

While there is some validity to the idea, the true use of this equipment would terrify most people. 

Consider one of the most notorious dates in human history, September 11, 2001. 

On this day, four airplanes were hijacked and used to make precision strikes against American targets on American soil.


Three reached their destinations and one crashed into a rural farm area. 

Now, in the years that have passed, and with the dissipation of the initial shock, many people have begun to scrutinize the events of that day. 

What most skeptics have determined is that the planes could never have been handled so adeptly by amateurs, particularly amateurs that had never sat in jumbo jet cockpits. 

Not only did they know how to disappear from radar screens, but they also somehow knew the way to fly them at catastrophic speeds into narrow targets.

Technically, say most analytical minds, their flying was a total impossibility. 

So, where does that leave those of us who ask “how did it happen”? 

Remote Controls

It leaves us with only one viable option, a remote controlled spy plane used for each target. 


Generally, throughout history, there is something known as a “false flag” operation that deceives the public or masses in order to achieve a set goal. 

This is one theory behind the air planes of 9/11. 

While debate rages around the varying theses, they all generally hold to the same notion that remote controlled spy plane equipment was utilized to carry out the attacks. 


It takes only a quick examination of the events which followed to see the reasoning behind such an event. 

New World Order

First, control over the world’s oil would shift; second, many different police state tactics could be employed against the populace; third, enormous amounts of money would be spent quickly and in a relatively unmonitored fashion. 

We all know now how deeply embedded then Vice-President Dick Cheney was with oil profits, military contractors and the trail of money. 

He happens to also be a loyal member of the Council on Foreign Relations. 

This is a somewhat vague global organization for which Cheney once sat as director. 

Millions of people view the group as part of a global criminal organization, usually referred to as the banking mafia or the financial mafia. 

They seek to establish an entirely New World Order in which a single, powerful government dominates. 

Such an accomplishment would require entire populations to submit to police-state rule, and a total loss of privacy and liberty. 

In the wake of the 9/11 attacks Congress moved to implement the U.S. Patriot Act and instigated military action in Afghanistan and then Iraq. 

This sweeping wave of action was achieved through the events of a single day, and for which many questions remain.

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