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Simple Explanation About Health Care

The Simple Explanation About Health Care is That the Banking Mafia is Looking For a New Way to Take Control Of the American Masses.

The criminal banking mafia has been looking for some time to be able to gain the control they need to be able to create a New World Order.

They do not want the public to be able to find a simple explanation about health care which is why they have been sending out senators to conduct town halls across America.

They want for you to believe their healthcare bill will allow you to be able to live a better life because the government will take care of all your needs.

They want you to embrace the ideals of socialism so you will willingly give up your freedoms and rights to those looking to control you.

The banking mafia has been able to infiltrate the government at the highest levels which is why they been able to create socialist bills which are so popular in the government.

You may remember recently president Barrack Obama talking about equalizing the economic classes by spreading the wealth around.

This is one of the fundamental ideals of socialism because it causes the public to willingly give up their power and security for the hope of a better life.

The government has created a new system by which they are now asking you to give up your rights to control the way in which your health is cared for.

They want for you to believe this new bill will allow even the poorest of citizens to be able to get the same health care as the richest.

What they do not tell is the price you pay to be able to get such treatment in the new America the banking mafia are looking to create.

The new thousand page bill has hardly been read by the senators who are defending it in town halls across America.

This has been demonstrated by the blank stares they have given the angry protestors which have asked them pointed questions about specific parts of the bill.

This has been designed to keep you from being able to know the simple explanation about health care and it’s effects on the future of America.

They want for you to be just as in the dark as their puppets have been kept in order to be able to gain even more control over you.

They believed incorrectly that you would simply accept the simple explanation about health care Obama has offered due to his popularity.

Buying into Lies

Many people in America would like to believe in the possibility of creating a perfect society.

They want to believe it is possible to be able to live in harmony with the rest of the population through giving more power and control over to the government.

Americans do not like accepting the fact this means they are buying into the ideals of socialism.

Like it or not, socialism is when the masses give up power and freedom in order to give more power to the few.

This is exactly what the Obama administration has proposed in so much of what they do.

They want you to believe in a brighter future in which you have less control and freedom, but more security.

Having a better life does not mean giving the banking mafia more control.

They are the only ones who will benefit from this kind of behavior.

Asking Too Much

The new American revolution has been fueled by the fact the Obama administration has asked too much in too short an amount of time.

Within a short period of time, they have asked you to accept stimulus packages and bailouts which are funded by your tax money.

Now, the government would like for you to foot the bill on paying for healthcare for the masses.

They believe this is a simple explanation about health care for the masses, but it is just another way to squeeze money from taxpayers and it is more than American are willing to stand.

Children Indoctrinated

The simple explanation about health care does not include any information about how the government has slipped mind controls into the bill.

If they have their way, they will be able to have the authority to enter homes and teach the children of tomorrow their ideals on everything from religion to abortion.

This will create a future where no one is allowed to think for themselves as they will have been taught directly by the banking mafia.

The ideals the future generation will hold dear will be those taught to them by the banking mafia themselves in order to control the minds of the masses.

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