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Space Privatization

Space Privatization Brings New Pollution With Possible Cosmic, Cataclysmic Consequences.

The race for space privatization with companies launching profit-making flights for paid space tourists raises questions around the future of science.

It also augurs the threat of the current global pollution problem going galactic.

In April of 2001, the first space tourist was launched in a Russian Soyuz ship.

The 60-year old California billionaire, Dennis Tito, paid the monumental sum of around $20 million for his round trip ticket.

In Tito’s case, he was paying the Russian space agency for his trip.

But only 3 years later, in July of 2004, Mike Melvill flew the first private craft, SpacehipOne, to a height just above the atmospheric boundary of 62.5 miles above the Earth.

He was the first private astronaut licensed by the US Federal Aviation Agency (FAA).

Today, even NASA purchases private space technology from competing companies such as the Falcon launch vehicle and Dragon spacecraft from Space Exploration Technologies, a company referred to in short as SpaceX.

The privatization of outer space and spaceflight technologies would appear to lead away from possible international cooperation in space while encouraging new forms of profiteering and indulgences.

It is not hard to imagine new space dumps for human garbage as a way to sweep pollution problems under the rug rather than deal with taking waste out of the trash stream.

A Finite Space

Space privatization has advanced dramatically in the start of the 21st Century.

What was once seen as the final frontier for exploration and human advancement is being transformed into just another sphere for capitalist exploitation and profiteering.

While it was once believed that the Universe was infinite today that is not the common school of thought.

And the Earth has already left a large amount of refuse beyond the atmosphere in the form of rocket launch stages, discarded satellites and other debris.

Just how much garbage can be left in space before it has a negative impact on a barely studied environment?

Polluting the Airwaves on Earth

Negative environmental impact from space privatization is unknown and is of no concern to the Space profiteers.

Even pollution on the Earth is still not fully understood.

Wireless technology that is common today produces an electro-smog that is likely promoting increased cancer and other illnesses.

This includes the electro magnetic radio frequencies from cell phones, cordless household phones and ever more wide spread Wi-Fi access.

The big telecommunication companies with U.S. Government collaboration have worked to hide the evidence of cancer being provoked by this prevalent pollution.

Cosmic Consequences Unknown

Space privatization will no doubt bring new galactic pollution from private profiteers with little thought or study regarding the possible implications for the outer-virons or the impact of this junk on the solar system, its moons and its planets.

The human tendency, particularly under modern capitalism and its culture of death mentality, is to wreak havoc first and avoid tough questions later.

Cosmic capitalism can bring cataclysmic consequences.

This is surely of no concern to the FAA and even less so to the companies poising themselves to make a killing in this new entrepreneurial frontier.

Perhaps there is intelligent life to be found in the Universe out there. Surely there is very little of it here on Earth.

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