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Spy Satellite Observes Earth

A Spy Satellite Observes Earth and Is Deployed For Intelligence Gathering. 

A spy satellite or reconnaissance satellite has been used by the military for intelligence gathering. 

We are now seeing that our government is using the satellite technology along with all other new age technology to gather intelligence or spy upon every citizen within the nation.

We have somehow seemingly overnight become the enemy and need to be tracked 24/7 to make sure we do not get out of line. 

When reconnaissance satellites were first employed they were very primitive and used ejectors to send canisters back to earth with the images taken by them. 

These canisters would be retrieved in mid-air as they floated down gracefully with the assistance of a parachute attached to it. 

Now the photographic images are downloaded immediately and are so sharp that very little detail, if any, goes undetected. 

The images today are from digital imaging systems and are downloaded immediately by using encrypted radio links 

The spy satellite is looking at our movements instead of pointing to the stars to observe and learn about their awesome beauty. 

The United States has had a few leaks of their foreign intelligence gathering images through the years but not very many and the information that is being gathered upon the citizenry appears to be for the government agencies and not for public access. 

That means we do no know what the nature of nor the extent of information is building up upon us. 

Red State Update: Reconnaissance Satellite Shot Down

The Astronomical Cost of a Spy Satellite Could be Used to Help Eradicate World Hunger 

The above video was for a break and to offer some levity and yet it is true the billions spent of reconnaissance satellites and then the billions spent on blowing them up is outrageous. 

That is especially true nowadays when the telescopes are pointed at us and clicking away our freedoms and rights as information keeps building up against us to be used for some demonic plan of depraved government officials while we foot the bill. 

Illegal taxations of the United States citizenry is even more difficult to digest when we see how that money is being used to enslave us. 

United States Plans Next-Gen Spy Satellite Program 

This was announced in 2007 after the expensive flop of a program called, The Future Imagery Architecture that cost huge amounts of money and never emerged. 

The new upgraded system of the Defense Department called, BASIC is a multibillion-dollar program to develop the next generation of spying satellites. 

This spy system expected to be launched by 2011 will cost the taxpayers between two to four billion dollars and will be used not only for foreign intelligence but to spy upon the very people that are paying for it. 

Of course the details are all classified yet some minimal information has been given about the photo-reconnaissance satellites that are used to gather information from space 

This program started even though there were and are many lawmakers and defense experts that believe the cost is too high especially since the previous program wasted billions of dollars.

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