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Statistics Reveal Single Parents Information that May Surprise Americans

Single Parents Information Must be Examined. 

Divorce rates are one source of single parents information that explains the speed in which the breakup of homes has occurred over the past few years.

When you study single parents, you start to realize the factors that went into the breaking up of families, and the pressures that were applied to add to the helplessness of the family unit.

Before, single parent information was brought about from the death of a spouse, but in these stressful times they are the result of overwork and underpay, and the results of those situations, and all of it has been planned way before by powerful interests in secret places.

Men and women alike have found themselves suddenly in a world that makes no sense, and yet demands production from them while offering illogical circumstances.

The results leave people in a state of confusion, unable to see the manipulation, but at the same time knowing something just isn’t right, but unable to find a solution.

Naivety runs rampant among citizens today, and some still actually believe the government is on their side, and will stand up and take their stand in the government’s favor, which is usually an attitude that was passed down by their parents to them.

Single parents information concludes that twice as many single-parent families earned less that $30,000 a year, as compared to families with two parents.

Social scientists have found that children who grow up in single parent families have more disadvantages, and these are not necessarily the result of bad parenting, but are a result of the poor economic condition of the family.

Being a single parent can be lonely and hard, and without someone to share in the decision-making, it can be an overwhelmingly stressful undertaking.

The Elite don’t want the average person to understand how they control them through power, and wealth, and knowledge, and show a false picture to the single parent, offering help, which is in reality, a theft.

Deception and illusion are the tools of the Elite, as they manipulate the minds of the masses, and succeed in their endeavors, to the detriment of the American people and to the family unit as it exists, and when one examines single parents information they will see this.


There’s only one answer to the situation Americans are in today, and that is for average people to wake up and stand together.

With each new law, and each new program, the Elite gain another choke hold on the public, and it goes without repercussions, and that’s sad.


A person should stop and take the time to think back over the past five to ten years, and question the why, the what fors, and the hows of everything that has taken place concerning the government.

They need to look at single parents information and realize what the government is doing and what they are not telling them.

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