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Surveillance of Email

Surveillance of Email and Rights of Privacy.

Surveillance of email by the government, marketing industries, and other agencies have left everyone wide open for their most intimate conversations to be stored in central data banks. 

A big part of the world’s information is talked about over the internet and within email communications. 

All one needs to do is watch when you are being solicited and by whom. 

Patterns are very visible, for example, you order a particular pair of shoes, an email is sent to you asking you if you would be willing to have that information shared, and you say no. 

A week later you have multiple emails wanting your business and the product line is either shoes or something relating to shoes, hiking, or anything remotely associated with a pair of shoes. 

This activity happened from the surveillance of email of your purchasing and search patterns. 

Just like so many other things, the actions and laws that have been sold as a means to protect your email privacy have allowed the multinational corporations that own and develop technology to install various programs and restraints upon your private systems. 

The information is being collected and the justification for keeping the information instead of erasing it is that it will help keep an eye on hackers and “other” people that might invade your system. 

Is NASA Reading Your Email?

Pop UPS that Warn You About Supplying Personal Information are Designed by Whom and the “Safe”‘ Place to Supply that Information is where? 

Since we already know that the global police state has been developed by the multinational corporations that own new age technology and the communication systems are infiltrated by the FBI and other services around the globe, then why would we think the internet and email servers are isolated from the invasions upon our privacy? 

The surveillance of email and the internet are simply too tempting to be ignored by the ones that are gathering the biometrics of our earlobes and body odors. 

Narus is a system of NASA and is there to monitor emails. Narus means “to know” in Latin.

The NASA statement about the Narus system is that it is nothing to worry about and used only when an investigation warrants it.

Since we are all now being treated as suspects the rationalization for the use upon every human being on the planet has been justified. 

The little clicks and noises and slow downs and system crashes surely must be solar activity from global warming right? 

Modern cell phones are now equipped with cameras and the ability to surf the web.

You are also able to access your emails, read them, reply to messages, send messages, or anything else you do with emails from your computer.

You are assigned an email address when you purchase a phone and you are able to use that one or go online to find your server. 

All of this activity and information is being stored in central data systems gathered from surveillance of email and phone activity. 

The surveillance of email just keeps getting simpler as the really cool phones and applications are being sold to the public for our personal ability to be more efficient and modern. 

Have you ever wondered why everything is costing a fortune except toys and equipment in the field of new age technology?

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