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TETRA Mobile Health Problems

TETRA Mobile Use is Killing Emergency Workers in UK. 

In 1995, the United Kingdom approved the TETRA system of radio communication for emergency and government workers. 

TETRA, which stands for terrestrial trunked radio, is an encrypted communications system that police and other emergency workers can use in the UK that keeps people like criminals from listening in. 

Users carry TETRA mobile devices, much like walkie talkies, which are connected to the network through a series of towers. 

These TETRA mobile towers and devices stay connected through low frequency radiation which is constantly being emitted by both ends of the system. 

When a call is made the radiation spikes up to 17.6 Mhz. 

While there have been many benefits to the TETRA system in regards to the ease and speed of communication for police and other emergency workers, the system poses significant health risks to users and the general public. 

The large British telecommunications company, O2, used their money and influence in the government to get this system approved. 

Despite several independent studies showing that the radiation emitted by the TETRA mobile communications system can cause serious medical issues, government regulators approved the technology and gave official communications contracts to O2. 

The company and industry promoted their own scientific research, based on false premises and poor research methods and the government ran with it.

Abuses like this show that the global banking elite will stop at nothing to increase their power and control over the masses, even at the cost of the public’s health. 

In the end they are pushing for a drastically decreased population.

Deadly technology like TETRA, disguised as a harmless communications system, is a key way to achieve that.

TETRA Health Problems

The TETRA system emits a constant low frequency radiation to maintain the communications network.

When a call goes through the system the radiation spikes to a higher wavelength. 

This wavelength is very similar to human brain waves and has been shown to have detrimental effects on the thought patterns and basic functions of the brain.

People around the TETRA towers have seen increases in nose bleeds, sleep deprivation, cancer and motor neuron disease. 

The end users of the TETRA system typically carry the communication devices attached to their chest and a huge increase has been seen in cancer around these areas.

Otherwise healthy people are seeing rare types of cancer in their lungs, abdomens and throat.

Often, the cancer will be directly located over the part of their body where the TETRA device was located! 

TETRA Mobile: Another Form of Control 

While the TETRA system has not been used in the United States, who is to say that our communication systems aren’t doing the same thing to us?

While maybe more subtle our bodies are constantly bombarded with electromagnetic waves from the devices we sit in front of every day such as the cell phones we hold next to our brains… and many other sources. 

The global banking elite needs the public to be unaware and uncaring about these kinds of issues. In order to better control this planet they need to “thin the herd”.

Instead of instituting forced, Nazi like sterilization that the masses would fight, they introduce technologies and conveniences into our lives that are poisoning us. 

Chemically altered food, tainted vaccines, poisoned water and communications devices that are slowly killing us are all part of their plan to decrease the world’s population to “manageable” amounts.

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