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The American Heritage Education Foundation Produces the Lies that are Being Taught to Your Children

The American Heritage Education Foundation is Working With The Government to Make Sure Your Children do Not Receive an Education. 

The American Heritage Education Foundation is operating under the guise of a non-profit organization for the education of your children.

With the state of the modern school system and the under educated population you must wonder what their true agenda is.

The organization was created under the principal that children were not getting a proper education in the history of America and now produce and distribute lesson plans throughout America.

Since their inception and the distribution of these lessons, the quality of American education has diminished and the education that your children are receiving is below par.

Are they truly working with government officials that want to ensure that your children do not have an education so they can easily go forward with their plans for a police state when the time comes?

The problem with these non-profit organizations is that they need to receive their funding somewhere and the Elite that are donating money want to make sure that their agenda is followed.

One of the main contributor of the American Heritage Education Foundation is the Rockefeller Foundation which was started by the elite to promote a perfect race of people.

Benefactors like these are pushing their own agenda by donating money that will determine how your children are educated.

When your children complete school, nearly seventy percent of them will not have a proper education that will allow them to attend college which is right where the government and the elite want them.

Is it a coincidence that children that attend private schools that do not receiving their education materials from the American Heritage Education Foundation are receiving a higher education than those that attend public schools?

The government has teamed with the elite to make sure that the education that your children receive is not sufficient.

They have plans for your children and an education does not fit into their plans.

They do not want their advisories to have an education and the ability to make credible arguments against the New World Order that they are planning for America.

You are forcing your children into situation that will hinder them in the future and you don’t even realize it.

Danger in Education

Educational Manipulation

The government with the help of the elite are brainwashing your children into believing that a police state and the New World Order is “normal” and when the time comes for the government to take over your lives they will not know the difference.

A war is being waged on Democracy and freedom in America by your government and they are using your children as a weapon in their war.

Future America

If the government gets their way, the future America will look much different than what you are used to today.

You will have no rights in the future America and your children are leading the way to the hell that America will become.

With the American heritage education foundation the elite are taking control.

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