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The Banking Cartel’s CASHLESS Society Via BitCoin

The Banking Cartel's CASHLESS Society Via BitCoin

Crypto (Klepto) Currency was stimulated by the banking cartel’s NSA, whom wrote a white paper on it in 1996. They also issued a white paper in 1997, on blockchain smart contracts.

BitCoin, allegedly created by Satoshi Nakamoto, which means clear thinking, quick witted, wise, and imaginative, began in January 2009, right after the last business cycle, economic crash.

Satoshi Nakamoto DOES NOT EXIST. Look him up. Where’s his facebook page? There’s one fake one promoting another crypto. Wouldn’t he be the greatest man to have ever lived now, and extremely wealthy too?

The same month of the banking cartel’s quantitative easing, counterfeiting 100% of the entire amount of money in the U.S. economy, lending it to the gov, taxing the citizens to repay it, and then the gov giving it back to the bankers, calling it a bailout.

BitGold, founded in 2014 by Roy Sebag and Josh Crumb, BitGold is the sole operating business of BitGold Inc.

Initial investors in BitGold were “Soros Brothers Investment” which is run by Alexander Soros, the son of GEORGE SOROS.

On June 16, 2015, BitGold Inc. announced the completion of an additional $21.4 million secondary financing, likely by the CIA’s black op. investment firm “In Q Tel,” whom met with the founder prior to that time.

The banking cartel insists on an electronic currency in order to track, tax and fine your every move, and freeze your account at will. A Cashless Society.

Crypto (Klepto) Currency is their method of doing this. The transactions ARE NOT ANONYMOUS. Consider what happens when you buy something and SHIP IT TO YOUR ADDRESS.

As happens every nine years in their “Business Cycle” (of stealing massive assets from citizens, by stopping their counterfeit lending, thereby shrinking the money supply), the current stock market bubble will crash.

The bankers had their own SWIFT SYSTEM hacked, three times since 2016. They claim the hackers left malware in their system, so it can happen again.

In order to collapse the dollar and move us to a Crypto/Klepto CASHLESS system, they will wipe out numerous bank accounts, the stock market will crash and be blamed on these hackers.

Likely blamed on the North Korean government, as a great reason to launch their war.

This will push the citizens still with dollar bank accounts to rush into a Crypto/Klepto currency. This, along with the current mass rush will give them what they want.

In the mean time, the crypto systems have consistent crashes, and billions of transfers have been getting stuck, such as occurred TODAY!

This excuse allows the banking cartel to step in with their “regulations” in order for the masses to gain trust in it.


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