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The Bought Media Controls Your Mind

The Bought Media is a Tool of Elites. Misinformation is Used to Manipulate Masses & Make Them Fall in Line With New World Order Thought in Police-State America.

The elite have used their control over the mainstream media in order to make you believe that the bought media that they rely on for information is telling them the truth.

The CFR is a secret society that the elite are associated with that controls the mainstream media.

The CFR was formed after some of the world’s biggest bankers, such as the Rockefellers and the Morgans, realized they could have complete control of the people of they controlled the media.

They realize they could buy the media out and create history instead of reporting on the facts.

Things like what have been going on recently in the media about the swine flu are evidence of how the mainstream media is being used in order to control your mind.

They have told you about how dangerous the strain of the flu is only to scare you as the truth is that the swine flu is less dangerous than regular flu.

Every night in the news, there are new reports about cases of swine flu that are being reported in the community.

They have a constant death toll that is announced in regards to the flu to show you how it is such a dangerous virus that must be contained.

They even show what are considered to be apocalyptic images of people walking the streets wearing paper masks over their mouth and nose.

What people do not realize is that the regular flu claims over 150,000 lives every year as opposed to the few hundred that the swine flu has claimed so far.

The masks that people see other people wearing are actually being worn out of respect for the other people in the community and not to keep from getting sick.

The masks are a way to prevent the spread of germs from the wearer and do nothing to protect the wearer from getting sick.

The reason that the bought media is such a useful tool for the elite is that people want to believe what they hear from many different sources and the elite control them all.

Buying into Control

Another way that the elite use the bought media in order to control you is to get you to buy the very devices that they will use against you.

They have made you feel like you have to have the latest GPS devices in order to help you live a better life.

In fact, these devices are being used by the elite to track your every move as you go about your daily life.

They feel that the more that they know about you and what you do every day, the easier it will be to control you.

Putting It to the Test

The way that the elite test what they have learned about you is to try to use the bought media in order to get you to follow new fashion and technology trends.

They will be able to see if they are being effective if they are able to get you to buy the things that they want you to buy.

One way in which they accomplish this is by making you feel like you need to fit in with the rest of the crowd.

They want for you to believe that if you do not buy the latest fashion and the latest technologies that you will be cast out of society.

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