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The Federal Reserve Banking System Fraud

The Federal Reserve Banking System is Controlled by the Global Elite and is Designed to Enslave us and Create a One World Banking System.

The Federal Reserve banking system can be credited with the collapse of the American economy as it controls all the money in the United States.

With that control, it is able to bring about depressions and seems more than willing to do so.

Many people do not realize the United States government runs completely on borrowed money, and that borrowed money comes from the Fed.

What this means is every time the United States needs money, it has to borrow it from the Fed and pay interest on that loan.

In addition, whenever you pay taxes the money goes to the Fed to pay off those loans.

However, the Fed is a private company with no governmental power.

All of your tax dollars go to the Federal Reserve Banking System in an effort to pay down the debt the U.S. government has accumulated.

This means your tax dollars are not really going towards the betterment of the country.

The United States government has created a system where they will never be able to get out of debt because of this borrowed money.

The idea of being debt free as a country is naïve, as the country cannot possibly be debt free as long as it has to use borrowed money for the economy.

The country cannot run without money, and thanks to the Federal Reserve, the only way to get that money is to borrow it, which leads to one economic crisis after another.

Why would a system be in place where a country would only be able to operate with a line of credit?

It does not make sense to the people but it does make sense to the elite, who are able to stay rich and powerful with the help of the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve system has destroyed the American economy and has made the government a group of pawns who don’t know how to run the fiscal operations of a country.

The Constitution

According the United States Constitution, there is no need for the Federal Reserve Banking System, as the government has the right to print its own money.

The United States could print money interest free, which would mean lower taxes and less inflation.

This is not allowed to happen with the current system in place. The elite control politics and the government is afraid to take control back from the elite. Thus, they allow them to do whatever they want.

There have been a few times in history when a politician tried to stand up against the central banking system and the banking mafia.

Andrew Jackson was one of them, and an attempt was made on his life.

It is believed the attempt was orchestrated by the Rothschild family.

No Legal Control

The Federal Reserve Bank is the one banking system in the United States that has never been audited.

Something is not right when the system that controls all of the money in the United States is not audited. What are they doing with the money?

There is obviously a problem with mismanagement. Because of the lack of checks and balances, the United States citizens may never know what that problem is.

There is no transparency in the system, and the taxpayers are the ones that are losing out.

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