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The Food Service Industry is Making You Sick

The Food Service Industry is Causing Obesity and Illness.

The food service industry is big business. In fact, in the last decade it’s grown exponentially.

People are developing allergies that were once rarely seen. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions.

Schools are trying to deal with learning disabilities such as ADHD, that were once rare.

Why as the amount of fast food we eat goes up the amount of obesity and illness proportionately rises.

There is even new research that indicates it could be possible to actually get addicted to fast food.

Don’t laugh – there is considerable evidence to back this claim.

This addiction leads directly to obesity.

That’s good for another industry the weight loss industry, which is a multi-billion dollar industry. 

But why doesn’t the food service industry have to provide warnings about addictions.

The Food Industry Under Fire

Even more direct chemicals like MSG that affect many people in a negative way are not openly displayed on packaging, instead being hidden behind names that are unrecognizable to the average consumer.

The food service industry also comes under fire for the amount of sugar in the products, which creates a sugar addiction.

Now that may not sound too serious but did you know that in the brain a sugar addiction is the same as a heroin addiction.

Does it seem a little more serious now?

Quick and Easy Food Preparation

It’s not just the fast food outlets or restaurants that are bad for our health.

All those prepackaged convenience foods you can buy at your local supermarket, are likely laced with all kinds of chemicals to enhance the flavor, make it smell good, and to increase the shelf life.

Have you ever wondered why you can take some prepared foods and leave them sit on the counter for weeks and they never start to go bad.

That’s because of all the chemicals in the food. The trouble is that this you are ingesting those chemicals. 

So you fool your belly into thinking you are full and not hungry any more, but when it comes to nutritional value there’s a lot to be desired.

The Future of Our Food Chain

When it comes to the quality of our food chain, it’s going to get worse not better.

When Monsanto and their genetically modified food is all that’s left to choose from, then we have real troubles.

New legislation will produce an act that makes organic food illegal and giver Monsanto the control over the food that they so desperately want.

That means the chances of finding a food that is not genetically modified becomes very slim. They say we are what we eat.

So what are going to be when we can no longer find fresh fruits and vegetables, and all we have to choose from is unhealthy, unnatural foods.

We might as well just pop a pill.

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