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The Food Services Industry

Food Services Industry Sells Customers Poison. 

Americans love to eat out and most often than not they gravitate towards the unhealthy. 

Experts estimate that Americans will spend more than $566 billion dollars eating out this year.

The food services industry encompasses all restaurants and eateries which Americans frequent as well as the companies that supply them. 

While there are many kinds of eateries and suppliers in this industry, the landscape of American eateries has become chocked with fast food restraints and corporate chain outlets that sell boxed and processed food to the masses. 

Unfortunately, cheap and processed food tends to dominate the food services industry in this country and is being exported around the world. 

These foods are low-priced, easy to prepare and many experts believe have addictive qualities to them. 

The meat in these foods is often from sources that pump their animals full of hormones to unnaturally increase growth, fed the remnants of the same animals as food and finally is usually breaded and deep fried. 

Nothing is truly fresh in a majority of these restraints as most of their offerings are prepared in factories thousands of miles away, flash frozen and shipped to local outlets. 

The domination of our diet by these kinds of food is slowly killing this country and effectively disabling our future generations.

Economic Issues 

The large corporations who control the flow of processed and chemically treated food we eat daily don’t care about the health issues they are causing in their customers.

With recent spotlights on the unhealthiness of these foods many have initiated public relations campaigns that champion their few healthy selections. 

The food services industry offers unhealthy food at cheap prices so anyone can afford it.

Unfortunately, this pricing strategy ends up being used as a sort of economic class warfare.

The lowest income brackets tend to consume more of these processed foods because they are in line with their budget.

While all levels of society dine at these corporate eateries, the poor tend to have their diets dominated by them. 


As a nation our biggest problems centers on our health.

We are eating ourselves to death and very few are sounding the alarm about the true damage we are doing.

Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, strokes and cancer can all be linked back to our fatty diets dominated by corporate processed food. 

Our politicians keep us distracted with propaganda about how illegal drugs are the root of all evil and destructive to our society.

Yet, our poor diet choices kill hundreds of times more people every year than illegal drugs.

Nicotine, alcohol and fast food are our biggest killers and our politicians support them. 

The reason why these killers are allowed to make hundreds of billions in our nation every year is because our politicians are paid well to make it so.

Large multinational corporations, controlled by a financial elite, insure that the American public is free to poison themselves willingly. 

By making drugs like marijuana illegal, these financial elite create political cause to wage an endless “war” in which they may imprison millions of Americans and stomp on the rights of others in the name of security.

Yet, at the same time they stand back while we voluntarily submit to a “thinning of the herd” by the foods we eat. 

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