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The Hidden Danger of Global Positioning System Automotive GPS

How Global Positioning System Automotive GPS Signals the end of Privacy in your Car.

The global positioning system automotive GPS is a prime example of a poison pill present from the U.S. Government to the citizens of the United States.

The system that was developed by the Department of Defense, is controlled by the U.S. military and is a vast secret surveillance mechanism for the U.S. government, has been on offer to the U.S. public since 1983.

Not only has the U.S. government understood the extraordinary potential for monitoring all civilian activity, but it has even gone so far as to upgrade the positioning capability with respects to civilians to the level of the military.

In collusion with the big automotive companies and in keeping with the car culture fostered by the administration, GPS devices are now appearing in many new cars.

If a consumer buys a car which does not have GPS already fitted, then portable devices are easy to obtain.

Nowadays, prices for a portable ground receiver that can be easily clipped onto a car dashboard start at somewhere around hundred dollars.

Trying to Laugh It Off with a Spy in the Car

So Cheap to Lose Ones Privacy

For many people, given the comfort factor and the ease of use in navigation, this is very affordable.

By making systems as cheap as this, consumers are encouraged to basically deliver themselves bound hand and foot into the global surveillance system that the government now operates.

global positioning system automotive GPS is yet another way of tracking where a person is going, where that person has been and how they are proceeding to their destination.

Coupled with the growing possibilities for government agencies to listen in to conversations in cars, GPS provides a missing link in the overall possibilities to secretly spy on law-abiding civilians.

Just like the voice recognition systems with the microphones that can be hacked by people in the government, GPS provides information straight to the people controlling the satellite in the sky.

These people are of course part of the government.

GPS as a Double-Edged Weapon

What the government can do surreptitiously, a number of companies are now doing quite openly.

Some of their actions are presented as being beneficial for drivers, in that they use GPS to warn about speeding, possible car problems or when an air bag has been inflated, indicating the possibility of an accident.

However, global positioning system automotive GPS is also used by some companies, in particular car rental companies, to assess a driver’s behavior on the road and in some cases to levy extra charges if the driver’s behavior does not meet the car rental companies norm.

In theory, car rental companies using a global positioning system to track rental cars like this need to express the fact in the contract.

Must be Ok if the Government Does It

In practice, even if this is true, it may be hidden so far down in the fine print that many customers will simply miss it.

The car rental companies have little incentive or even pressure to make any further efforts to warn customers about global positioning system automotive GPS being used for this.

The role model presented by the United States government shows GPS being used to spy and monitor, so the natural conclusion that car rental companies come to is that they can do the same.

With new systems for global positioning coming onto the market, including ones that use additional signals to those generated by satellites, drivers will not even be able to maintain privacy in tunnels or basement parking lots.

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