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The Manipulation of Human Behavior and Strength of the Elite

The Manipulation of Human Behavior Contributes to the Wealth and Power of the Elite.

Some people have figured out how to take more than they need and others haven’t fathomed how to get what they need.

This idea is based on need, not want.

Everyone needs a certain amount of material goods, wealth, and power to survive.

After this survival mode, everything else becomes want.

Many people can get the things they want without invading other people’s space or energy.

Some people believe that invading other people’s space and energy is part of the game.

This is the point at which the individual crosses over into manipulation.

When a person or group decides they have the right to aggrandize themselves at the expense of others, that person or group will begin to develop a system of ploys, lies, or tricks to achieve the intended end.

Some entities are better at manipulation than others and some entities are more easy to manipulate than others..

The use of greed, ego, flattery, and fear are excellent tools for motivating a person to do what the person otherwise wouldn’t, creating manipulation.

For example, after 9/11/2001, the US government was able to do almost anything it wanted to do, using the fear generated.

In this interesting situation, the elite informed the US that an enemy was positioned to bring us down.

The populace allowed mobilization of the troops, we identified one country as the terrorist country, and then we invaded another country.

Another classic example is the Madoff situation, in which consistent high rates of return on investment was not questioned by his customers, even as everyone elses portfolios diminished by half.

Manipulation is an interesting behavior, in which one forceful entity causes another to act in a manner contrary to the best interests of the second, and with the cooperation of the second.

One party must be unscrupulous and the other must be insecure.

If principles were adhered to, manipulation would be almost impossible.

In manipulation, one party hands over their power in the hope of some reward.

The entity with a need for power usually has a talent for the use of manipulation.

It is often rewarded in business. In sports it can be named “character building”.

It is often called by the nasty word manipulation when it has gone too far.

The Manipulation of Human Behavior

Some people have the interests of others as a motivating force. We are indeed lucky when these people make it to the top.

Sadly more than a few of the powerful are not unique and talented human beings, they are simply good at the manipulation of human behavior.

Governments and Manipulation

As Americans watch governments become all the more powerful, they are watching manipulation in action.

If one sees little government, they will know they are watching honest and effective government.

Business and Manipulation

Business as played in the US, and probably everywhere, is blatantly about the manipulation of human behavior.

If you bought something, someone convinced you that you needed it, usually.

In a capitalistic country, business is the end result. This seems to imply that almost anything goes.

The interesting fact is, that this is usually with the complicity of the person who is manipulated.

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