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The New American Fascism Has Begun to Take Over the Political Ideology of the Nation

The New American Fascism Stands to be the End of our This Nation.

The new American Fascism stands to be the end of the reign of the United States as the most powerful nation in the free world.

Pretty big statement to make and one most would not even entertain the notion for a moment; yet it is true.

Many of us learned in world history class that fascism was a political ideology that gained mass popularity in the years after World War One in the countries that were devastated during it and deemed the losers, namely Italy and Germany.

Italy was more known as a fascist state with Benito Mussolini at its head.

Mussolini took over the weakened government with relative ease; the people were ripe for a strong leader and Mussolini was it.

He focused the hatred of the poor nation on the evil socialist and despicable democracies of the world.

He used a very cruel and strict police force to keep control over the state and made sure they knew that the difficulties they were experiencing were for the betterment of the nation; as patriots they should be happy to suffer since it would mean that the nation would prosper.

The head of the new American fascism is hard to pin point exactly; it is not really any one particular person but the small ruling, big business, elite (the politicians claiming to be watching out for the American people and the business elite that paid to get them elected).

Terrorist like Osama bin Laden and his friends are the easy targets of hatred; attacks like 9/11 make it easy for the nation to bind together in hopes of defeating a common enemy- who can argue with wanting to put an end to terrorism?

According to proponents of the Patriot Act, the people will have to be willing to give up some of their civil rights if law enforcement will have any chance at keeping the next 9/11 from happening-, who can really argue with that?

So if we are going to defeat our common enemy we have to give up our basic rights as citizens of this nation, all for the betterment of the nation; sound familiar?

God Bless America

A major trait of a fascist society includes an over bearing sense of importance being placed on nationalism and patriotic sentiment.

Mussolini preached pride in the nation; Hitler had the citizens believing in the superiority of the German race to the point that they nearly killed another race of people.

Ever since Desert Storm in 1991, the American public has been beset by nationalist feelings; ribbons around trees and now on the windshield of cars; popularity of pro-American/ patriotic music; the love and promotion of everything deemed American.

Coincidence or proof of the new American fascism taking over?

Forgotten Enemy

The problem that the new people behind the new American fascism are having is that the attention span of the people is so small that they have to be reminded that an enemy exists.

Even though most people never pick up a book they do walk through the bookstore to get to the overpriced coffee shop.

Along the way they will see dozens of books by folks like Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity more than willing to tell them who the enemy is.

The only question to ask now is this the beginning of the new American fascism or the continuation of the same old thing?

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