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The One World Currency is Coming

Control of the One World Currency Gives Control of the World.

In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed an agreement that took globalization to a new level.

This legislation, called the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), allowed for the free movement of currency and labor across North American borders.

Then, the President decided to militarize the border between Mexico and the United States, citing a need to combat the smuggling of drugs.

Border militarization developed further under President George W. Bush, who funneled tens of millions of dollars into preventing illegal immigrants from entering the country and smuggling drugs in the process.

The control over the immigration of labor allowed for the United States to reap all the benefits of globalization and cooperation, but trapped countries like Mexico in a situation where local jobs were taken by foreigners, and foreign jobs were inhumanely difficult to work.

These steps show a trend leading up to the formation of the North American Union (NAU), which is similar to the European Union (EU) in concept.

NAU currency, called the Amero (a nod to the EU’s euro), is a significant part of consolidating distinct currencies throughout the world into the one world currency.

Other unions have been proposed, including the African Union and the Asian Union, which would each also consolidate and use one currency.

Eventually, the merging of these monies into the one world currency would give the bankers in charge of the regulation of that currency control over the world.

Who Rules the Unions?

The organization that would head the unification of the unions would be the United Nations.

Their position in global politics gives them a hand in every major political sphere, and it is their agenda that shall come to pass if the one world currency were to come into widespread use.

The bankers who regulate the supply of the one world currency would have dominion over half of the supply-demand equation.

If their ambitions are unchecked, they will enslave the world with fiat currency.

The new world order elite that is pushing for the one world government includes bankers and politicians who work together to bring these conditions to pass, one step at a time.

Natural laws do still factor in, however.

In a world government, it seems natural that competition ensuing between members of the new world order elite will bring them war, strife, and downfall, as it has for so many empires of the past.

Without the People

The American system of government is supposed to be informed by the will of the people.

The establishment of NAFTA and NAU were not measures voted on by any member of Congress, nor any civilian voter.

Yet within the next several years, the government hopes to unify North American currency.

Recent talks about closing budget deficits has legislators and civilians alike throwing ideas at each other.

The secret work happening behind the scenes is pushing this country towards the Amero.

Even though the people will not vote on it, it will come if the new world order elite decide that it is time.

The control of money has been out of the hands of the people for some time.

Now it becomes increasingly apparent that they who control the money control the world. Help put them to an end by discharging your debt right away.

3 Comments on - The One World Currency is Coming

  • Cosmic Punisher February 12, 2021 Reply

    Just pull out of U.N. Only those involve with them have to deal with their shenanigans. It is like telling off the schoolyard bullies, if they force you to play their senseless games you are going to tie their genitals up and stop them from reproducing; stop the stupid, no more stupid.

    • Michael Fraser May 11, 2023 Reply

      The problem is the Federal Reserve. They are modeled after the brainchild of William Paterson. He developed this model in about 1690 to 1700. It was the blueprint for the Bank of England and to some degree every central bank since then. It allows a country to monetize debt (transform it into money). The country doesn’t have to depend on its credit or treasury to borrow money from a central bank. Once they borrow the money, it is almost impossible to repay. The original model operated like this. The bank created the money on a printing press and loaned it to the government. The government gave them bonds in exchange. The bank trades holds those bonds to create bank notes, which can be used just like money. They loan the bank notes to the people and local businesses. What the people actually borrowed wasn’t money but the government’s debt. They probably don’t even realize that. If the government pays off its loan, the bank must recall the notes (loans) it made to people and businesses since there is nothing backing them anymore. Those loans could easily go into default if they are recalled early. The government must decide, “Do I pay the loan off and pull the notes (money) out of circulation, thus hurting the economy, or do I roll the loan over leaving the notes (money) in circulation but driving the government deeper in debt. Most governments roll the debt over and continue to pay the interest.

  • Peter Fernandez June 24, 2021 Reply

    I had never read these communist announcements before but was vaguely familiar with them. I have saved and printed your valuable information. Paul Harvey on Youtube pretty much said the same. ThankYou.
    For decades I contributed commentaries regarding the Israel/Palestine Conflict for two Vermont periodicals, the Burlington Free Press and the Barre Times-Argus, until 2016 when their new progressive editors blacklisted me. Had my editorials been pro-Palestine, they would still be using my by-line.
    Yea, it’s that Burlington, Bernie Sanders’ mayoral start-up. I see the “progressive” attack on our first two amendments as the start. With no guns or free media, well, The End Times, they are a-coming, fast and furious. Also, liberalism is appealing, seductive, to anybody who wants to be PC, and or….Cool.

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