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The Term of Supreme Court Justices is Life

The Term of Supreme Court Justices Should Remain a Lifelong Appointment. 

When the founding fathers of America drafted the Constitution, they decided that the term of Supreme Court appointees would be for life. 

This was one of many effort they made to try and prevent a runaway dictator from gaining control of America. 

Without a question, they knew that forerunners of communist and nazi elites would one day land on American soil and do everything possible to destroy this nation. 

In creating a lifetime term of Supreme Court, they were hoping to buy enough time for American citizens to wake up and regain control of this nation. 

Today, the fate of America literally rests in the hands of a Supreme Court that has failed to do its job. 

As President Obama goes through the process of selecting a new Supreme Court justice, every man, woman, and child in America should be mindful of what is at stake. 

Anyone that thinks euthanasia is appropriate, or an escalation in the death penalty needs to stop and think about how they, and their family members will die in this kind of society. 

There is no question that the Supreme Court can restore all of the rights that Congress and Senate are taking away. 

This includes the right to buy and carry machine guns, as well as rocket launchers. 

As absurd as it sounds, every single person in America needs to be allowed to keep up with the pace of modern defense technologies. 

Clearly, that stage has gone well past single fire shotguns and semi-automatic handguns. 

On the other hand, it is also up to the people to use financial measures, sit-ins, rallies, and protest marches to let politicians know that elitist garbage will no longer be tolerated. 

When American citizens have to do the job of protecting the Constitution, it is clearly time to find a Supreme Court justice that will not be a slave to the elites. 

It is hoped that President Obama will find this person and ensure that nazi elites in the Congress and Senate fail to impose their filthy agendas in this particular situation. 

At the very least, a person appointed to the term of Supreme Court should be someone capable of encouraging the existing justices to do their jobs properly. 

As may be expected, if the wrong person is presented to Congress and Senate, it will be the duty of the people to demand that politicians refuse to confirm that person, or face being thrown out of office as quickly as possible.

Presidential Appointment of Judges

Many people feel that Supreme Court judges should be elected just like other political leaders.

Oddly enough, most justices are elected by the people as they climb the ladder of the judicial system. 

Nevertheless, people that are concerned about the term of Supreme Court can still make their voices heard after investigating prospective justices. 

Making the Court Do Its Job 

Even though the Supreme Court is not doing a good job of protecting the Constitution, all is not lost.

In fact, citizens can still write pointed letters to the justices, and demand restoration of all their rights. 

This may just help get rid of some of the brainwashing that the justices went through at the hands of ivory tower elites.

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