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The Truth About Lies

The Truth About Lies Reveals a Secret Government Operating Behind the Scenes.

The truth about lies will never be heard from mainstream media, which is owned by global elite criminals.

The criminal elite wholly own or control every major media outlet in the world.

Television combines the hypnotic effect of the bombardment of lights and sounds with messages promoting the elite agenda.

A consistent dumbing-down of humanity is the result of an all out attack by the global elite.

They have used one of their favorite tools to shut down your ability to think and reason.

You will not find the truth about lies on television. Its purpose is to cover-up, under the guise of programs that supposedly expose the truth.

What sets humanity apart from animals is the ability to reason. Animals are relegated to operating on instinct rather than having an ability to choose.

Inherent in the human being is choice, which is negated if mankind is afraid.

Fear forces humanity in to a fight or flight instinctual response.

Human beings have been reduced to animals by the elite agenda for a New World Order.


Global elite criminals have placed every president since Woodrow Wilson in office.

They use their pawns to forward their own New World Order agenda.

The truth about lies told by government is the secret behind the office. The elite are not interested in preserving life.

They are bent on depopulation, vastly limiting the number of humans on the planet.

The underlying elite objective is the rule over the many by the few. Greater wealth in fewer hands is a criminal elite trademark.

This objective goes beyond mere dollars and cents to encompass the entire planet.

False Faces

There is an illusion of equality presented in mainstream media.

The two party system gives the impression of a checks and balance system that does not exist.

The truth about lies is that broadcasters like Rush, Michael Savage and Bill Maher are tools of the elite agenda.

They give a false impression of a battle, while there is only one political party, a party of liars.

The face of the president has been carefully selected and brought up by global criminals.

Their New Word Order agenda is the only responsibility of the president, no matter what he may say to the contrary.

All for One

In a sad twist on the Musketeer pledge, all for one and one for all, the elite agenda eliminates humanity from the equation.

Humanity is being primed to serve the elite like slaves in a police state world.

The truth is much darker than Orwell predicted in “1984”.

You are being fed a constant stream of lies. Without your compliance, contrived of not, the elite objective may not be realized.

Your compliance is tacitly given every time you thoughtlessly sit in front of the television, allowing your mind to be filled with lies.

It is okay to walk away, to say no to the elite agenda. Together we can take the world back.

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