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The World of Free Energy Has Been Discovered by Great Scientific Minds

The World of Free Energy Shows There is Energy Available For Consumption in Space.

The world of free energy is a world in which energy can basically come out of free air, as there is energy in the atmosphere and when that energy is utilized, energy is created out of virtually nothing.

Think about the impact this would have on the environment, as a world without fossil fuel is a world that can actually recover from the dangers of global warming, as the impact of global warming would start to reverse itself immediately.

The world of free energy is suppressed by the government, as the government has two agendas that are working against free energy, and each agenda is intertwined.

First, the government does not want the world to know there is an energy source available that is pollution free, as that would greatly impact what the government has been telling people all of these years, and it will also make people even more aware of the dangers of fossil fuel.

In addition, with free energy options available, fossil fuel would be completely abandoned, meaning that the elite would no longer have a way to have an economic hold on the people.

Because of this, the elite has launched a campaign to discount free energy methods, and that campaign has been successful, as many people think free energy does not exist, which means the government is able to continue pushing fossil fuel.

The government is just an agent of the elite, as is the media, so the world of free energy is getting suppressed on many different levels, and the elite are pulling the strings in order to make sure free energy does not go to the mainstream.

How can the people fight against a government and group of elite that are repressive to the point of forcing fuel on people that is killing the economy and the environment?

The only way to fight against this is to be stronger than the elite and the government, meaning people must continue to explore free energy and all it has to offer.

Self Running Free Energy

Question of Ethics

Ethically speaking, free energy must be explored in order to have a planet to leave to future generations.

Fossil fuels are destroying the earth, and soon, it will not be possible to reverse the destruction.

The government and the elite are not concerned with ethics. They are not concerned with preserving the planet. They do not think about pollution.

They only think of their own needs, and their needs revolve around money and the manipulation of people.

Understanding Energy

In order to understand the world of free energy, one must first understand the laws and theories presented in school are not always accurate.

There has been proof that energy can be created from alternative methods, proving that the rules of energy are not correct.

Science is presented in a way to rule out free energy. That is so the elite can be protected.

People need to forget about what they learned in science class and explore other options for energy.

They will find they are not as limited as they believed they were.

3 Comments on - The World of Free Energy Has Been Discovered by Great Scientific Minds

  • Marjorie Menendez June 6, 2021 Reply

    The world has a kind of power grid that are sometimes called lay lines. Every ancient
    site like the pyramids
    And the Mayan temples Easter island all of the
    large Temples in Greece
    If we could learn how to retrieve the energy. The grid on the earth we could add to the other free energy the world has to offer.

  • Linda Jax November 10, 2022 Reply

    Im not crazy. Someone finally able to voice what really matters. What should really matter to everyone. The rabbit hole never ends so people just stand on the edge and look past it into the horizon.

  • L jax November 10, 2022 Reply

    Resonance, frequencies, and vibrations. Look up Gerard Morin he explains a lot.

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