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Thomas Jefferson Warned Us About a Central Bank

Given That Thomas Jefferson Warned Us About a Central Bank, Today’s Economic Situation is Not Surprising. We Are Enslaved to the Federal Reserve.

Thomas Jefferson warned us about a central bank in the newly formed United States.

One of the fathers of the great American nation, he was a staunch opposer of the creation of a central bank and gave us many reasons why we should have listened more carefully.

Repeatedly through his writings and famous quotes, Thomas Jefferson warned us about a central bank and of the American public becoming a slave to greedy capitalists who could use the central bank to manipulate the American economy.

He went to lengths to suggest that through inflation and deflation exercises, the central bankers would rob the American people and push them into poverty.

He suggested that they would do this by manipulating interest rates that would force even the wealthy American citizens into abject poverty.

He expressly opposed the exercise of the issue of central bank securities in exchange for actual bills and notes, which in his opinion were a means to rob the American people of their life savings and subject them to the whims and fantasies of a powerful few who could use interest rates to control their fates.

It’s not surprising that a man of his intellect could foresee the future as it stands now, over 200 hundred years later.

Thomas Jefferson warned us about a central bank and the economic crisis at hand is a clear indication that his warnings should have been heeded and that his expectations were anything but unfounded.

The Prophecy of Interest Rates

Thomas Jefferson warned us about a central bank by predicting that the central bankers would misuse their powers to not only manipulate the government at large, but would use the powers given to them to increase or decrease interest rates to reduce or increase the wealth of individual Americans.

Not only that, the interest rate mechanism could be used by these private bankers to make people pay large and unreasonable interest amounts for loans for even having a home, something that every individual and family in America should have anyway.

This is a serious argument against free market capitalism.

Not only that, the manipulation of the interest rates, the culprit behind the previous savings and loans crash and the contemporary subprime crash, is the major cause of peoples’ loss of their lifelong savings. And what happens in the end?

Bankers ask for a bailout from congress that is funded from the very money that hard working citizens give to the government in the form of taxes to protect their lifestyles and sovereignty.

We are Slaves to Private Greedy Homegrown So-Called Capitalists

In essence, the central bank in the US has become a private center of greed for all the major banking corporations who, under the guide of the term Federal, manipulate the economy of the United States in order to fill their own pockets.

Not only do they control how wealthy we are, they control how wealthy the nation is.

They can manipulate money flow in the economy and are not even held accountable for it.

They have stopped publishing the M3 index which showed how much money there is in the economy.

These so-called capitalists who supposedly are educated and well informed enough to take decisions for the economic fate of the average Joe, as Thomas Jefferson warned us about a central bank would do, do nothing but actually inflate the costs of money in the economy.

Even the tasks that they are assigned to do, they don’t seem to be doing in the most efficient manner.

Take for instance the interest rate hikes which were triggered after 9/11 as a means to promote internal investment and capital formation.

Not only were they dragging their feet with it, but they were way too slow in reacting to the subprime crisis as well.

They didn’t do anything right, simply put.

Federal or Anti-Nationalist?

It’s pretty clear to the average citizen in the United States that while it’s called the Federal Reserve, it is anything but.

What do you call an organization that is run by private individuals, and, while supposedly accountable and audit-able, is never questioned as to its logic, is privately funded, and who’s decisions are not required to be ratified by the government process?

Americans elect everyone who runs their country except these so-called Federal governors.

In a place where people have a voice, such organizations are sometimes referred to as fascist or anti-nationalist.

Thomas Jefferson warned us about a central bank and it’s time for a name change, or a change for the better still.

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