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Understanding Tamiflu Dosage

Is Any Tamiflu Dosage Safe for Children to Take?

Tamiflu is seen as a wonderful drug which can be used to treat flu.

The media and government often make us believe that we are very lucky to have this drug because it can treat the current threats including Swine Flu.

The truth however might be much harder to understand and you will find it will get even more confusing if you start digging around a bit.

Tamiflu isn’t actually a very safe drug and it can cause a number of side effects and complications.

It’s also extremely convenient that the best way of treating swine flu was already being produced and available.

It’s even more outstanding when you realize that governments stockpiled millions of dollars of this drug for the bird flu pandemic.

This was justified by telling us that without stockpiles of the drug them thousands of people could die.

It all seems far too convenient and it’s almost like the elite superpowers started preparing for this pandemic before we knew about it.

Vaccinations were on offer pretty much as soon as the virus started spreading which should raise a lot of questions in anyone’s mind.

The media has also been used to try and convince us that we may need to accept martial law in the near future.

Martial law would see an end to our freedoms and will no doubt see the end of America as we know it.

Swine Flu is a genetically engineered virus which the elite are helping to spread.

Only a handful of people have actually died from the disease and most of these are in developing countries where the medical care is poor.


The elite have become very talented at controlling us without us actually being aware what they are doing.

As the elite control all of the world’s media they can use this to spread a message. 

The elite want people to take Tamiflu dosage suggestions seriously and also consider the possibility of other action.

In order to convince us to do anything they first need to show us that there is a real risk.

The media runs stories virtually every day to show us just how deadly this disease is and how many people it could kill.

The president is also to blame for exaggerating the problems that we will face.

When Bird Flu was threatening to wipe out the planet, President Bush told us that at least 200,000 people would die.

This is an obvious attempt at scaremongering and the only reason for doing it was to buy up supplies of Tamiflu.

Why Support Tamiflu

Many people can’t understand why the elite would support Tamiflu.

The answer is simple and it’s because the elite and the drug companies are all one and the same.

Tamiflu is produced by Roche but the intellectual property rights of the drug are owned by Gilead Sciences Inc. Gilead Sciences has managed to keep a very low profile by outsourcing production to Roche.

Roche has the exclusive rights to produce Tamiflu which means that all the Tamiflu Dosage Requirements come from this one company.

Donald Rumsfeld owns a large stake in Gilead which means he along with many other elite people will profit from this virus.

Everything is about money and the elite can manipulate us to sell us a useless drug by making us believe that we need it.

Tamiflu doesn’t even cure flu the best it will do is shorten the time you experience the symptoms for.

Any size Tamiflu dosage is dangerous because there are a number of side effects which can even result in death.

Japan has banned Tamiflu for children as a result of the dangers.

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