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US Central Bank Benefits the Elite

The Central Bank Benefits the Elite in a Discrete but Powerful Fashion. We Gave Away Our Country When the Federal Reserve Was Forced Upon Us Nearly a Century Ago.

In the U.S., the central bank benefits the elite class who are socially and economically arranged to exploit average Americans.

The U.S. central bank, the Federal Reserve, is run by a handful of private individuals who manipulate the system.

Having been given near-absolute powers and discretion in economic decision making, the governors of the so-called Federal organization have and continue to tailor major decisions to increase their own wealth, transparently transferring the common man’s hard earned income into their own pockets.

The central bank can virtually play with inflation, currency values, money supply and never be questioned as to how and why it chose to do something.

In the name of economic policy, it blatantly sidelines the common man and follows measures that increase the wealth for the already rich and reduces the common individuals to poverty or worse.

For instance, by increasing interest rates without logic or explanation, it can simply force a homeowner to pay a lot more for his debts than he was already.

In the same breath, they can decrease interest rates and make it very cheap for banks to maintain savings in bank accounts.

Finally, by manipulating these interest rates, they can dynamically make a person richer or poorer by affecting inflation rates and the real value of money.

No matter how many arguments the Fed makes, it cannot run away from the gross truth that they are a bunch of private wealthy individuals who can’t help but be greedy, despite their already made millions. The central bank benefits the elite and these are them.

Worse, they are hand in glove with the already rich who are not part of the banking industry, in order to promote or demote the interests of any particular group.

This goes a long way in explaining why whenever some economic crisis occurs, banks never seem to lose. In the words of William Gouge,

“The bank was saved but the money was ruined.”

The American economy is nothing but a pawn in the hands of private players.

It is one of the most advanced and most developed economies in the world, a pioneer in the corporate governance theme, and yet there are glaring examples of private ownership destroying public interests, with the Fed leading the pack.

The fact remains that the governors, while being appointed by an elected President, are not subject to any real scrutiny by the public or its elected officials, other than the occasional report made to the US Congress about its activities.

This really does not constitute the level of scrutiny which a body made for the benefit of the public should attract.

If a society cannot forgive a President for questionable conduct, they can surely penalize a group of individuals for squandering away billions of dollars of public wealth.

Filling Their Own Pockets

If there’s one thing common among the subprime crisis, savings and loan scandal, and the current economic situation, it is that the common man has always suffered while the bankers who actually issued the loans have benefited.

Even in the contemporary economic crisis, the Congress simply approved the bailout of several hundred billion dollars, but who is paying for this? The taxpayer! And who is getting paid for their mistakes? The very people who run the central bank!

So the central bank benefits the very people who caused a major financial meltdown. The system clearly has a lopsided favour.

The central bank benefits the elite class in a way that is convoluted but quite brazen. Both monetary and fiscal policy can be modified overnight in a way that suits the interests of major corporations and firms.

How this is done is essentially through the manipulation of money supply, bank reserve requirements, interest rates and similar activities entrusted to the central bank.

This has an impact on the stock market as well, since when interest rates rise, the markets will correspondingly fall (due to asset allocation).

This can be a very handy tool for those involved in the central bank’s activities and have stakes in the equity market. Another way the central bank benefits the elite.

It’s no surprise then that the value of assets held by Fed governors rose from $18 million in 2005 to $83.8 million in 2006, as quoted by the Financial Markets Center.

Furthermore, the fed maintains the power to issue government securities and conduct open market transactions to handle the government account balance.

This is sort of like manipulating both sides of the see-saw and getting the best of market timing. Even more glaring is what the Fed did when the stock market crashed nothing.

It stands then for nothing more than a puppet-master of the economic whimsies of the rich.

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