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We Need To Talk

I think this is the first time I’ve used a click-baiting title without even mentioning the topic.  Yes,  it’s a controversial one but nonetheless, we need to talk about the damage circumcising baby boys is actually doing to our society.

Remember not to blame yourself if you didn’t know.  Infant boy genital mutilation wires the brain for anger, self-destruction, fear, self-depreciation, shame, trauma, and more.

The exact same pathways in the brain that light up from sexual abuse. Infant boys who’s genitals have been mutilated experience sexual abuse at twice the intensity – as the trauma from genital mutilation sets the pathways in the brain of sexual abuse from birth.

A study in Switzerland by the FBI found that while only 10% of its population was circumcised, 90% of rape cases in the country were committed by that 10 % with mutilated genitals. The FBI destroyed it’s findings because the study highlighted the damage genital mutilation caused psychologically – and all of them had their genitals mutilated as a child.

In 1997, doctors in Canada did a study to see what type of anesthesia was most effective in relieving the pain of circumcision.  As with any study, they needed a control group that received no anesthesia.  The doctors quickly realized that the babies who were not anesthetized were in so much pain that it would be unethical to continue with the study.  Even the best commonly available method of pain relief studied, the dorsal penile nerve block did not block all the babies’ pain.  Some of the babies in the study were in such pain that they began choking and one even had a seizure.

Most newborns do not receive adequate anesthesia.  Only 45% of doctors who do circumcisions use any anesthesia at all.  Obstetricians perform 70% of circumcisions and are least likely to use anesthesia – only 25% do.  The most common reasons why they don’t?  They didn’t think the procedure warranted it, and it takes too long.

The body is a historical repository and remembers everything. The pain of circumcision causes a rewiring of the baby’s brain so that he is more sensitive to pain later.  Circumcision also can cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depressionanger, low self-esteem and problems with intimacy  Even with a lack of explicit memory and the inability to protest.

Researchers Threatened

As a graduate student working in the Department of Epidemiology at Kingston General Hospital, Paul D. Tinari, Ph.D. was approached by a group of nurses who had noticed that babies that underwent circumcision were experiencing excruciating levels of pain that negatively affected their behavior.   In an attempt to gather some scientific evidence that would support their positions,  Tinari suggested functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and/or Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanning to observe the effects of circumcision on the infant brain.

After discovering that the trauma from circumcision permanently altered the baby’s brain in regions associated with reasoning, perception and emotions, the researchers were threatened to destroy their results or face legal action and immediate dismissal.

“Our problems began when we attempted to publish our findings in the open medical literature,” explained Paul Tinari.

All of the researchers who participated in the study were called before the discipline committee at Kingston General Hospital who severely reprimanded them, stating that male circumcision was legal under all circumstances in Canada, and that studying the adverse effects of circumcision was strictly prohibited.  The research team wasn’t allowed to publish the results of their study, and what’s more, they were forced to destroy all of their results.  The penalty that would be imposed upon them if they failed to comply was immediate dismissal and legal action.

As Paul D. Tinari, current director of the Pacific Institute for Advanced Study has written,

“I would encourage anyone with access to fMRI and /or PET scanning machines to repeat our research as described above, confirm our results, and then publish the results in the open literature.”

Medically speaking male genital mutilation was thought to cure masturbation, schizophrenia, sleep apnea – all the way to modern day where it ludicrously is thought to lessen the spread of AIDS and other STD’s. For infant boys – the mutilated foreskin is then used to create expensive face creams for women like Oprah (she did a TV episode on it).

Any holy book you claim to wave that claims mutilating an infants genitals will bring you closer to God – should really be questioned heavily. Circumcision represents a  blood sacrifice and the original circumcisors were known to suck the blood of the newly circumcised penis.  In this case, the baby died from herpes contracted from a Rabbi during a circumcision ritual.




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