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What is the North American Union RFID Chip?

The Implications of the North American Union RFID Chip.

The North American Union RFID chip could mean the demise of the United States as most people know it.

The idea of joining together the three nations of the United States, Canada, and Mexico seems outrageous to most who have heard of it and most cannot conceive of it even being an issue.

Officials from all three nations deny that there are government plans to create this union even though it has been discussed in academic circles.

The mere mention of forming a North American Union is considered by many to be a conspiracy theory.

Still others claim to have knowledge that President George Bush signed a formal agreement with Mexico and Canada to eventually merge our countries into one.

There is even talk of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) being implemented where tiny microchips will be embedded under the skin of every person in order to track everything from purchases made at the grocery store to the date of your last surgery.

This sounds really far-fetched but RFID technology is already being used and some people actually do have RFID chips implanted believing it will strengthen their safety.

However the danger behind this is that these RFID cards or chips will contain everyone’s personal information and it will be that much easier to steal identities.

How Do You Know who to Believe?

Right now the RFID chip is being sold to Americans as the wave of the future to help usher us into a brave new world, a world where all of our personal information is in one convenient place.

RFID chips are being introduced as a way to allow doctors to view your medical history by just scanning the chip embedded in your skin.

But that will not be the extent of this technology because extending the borders to include Mexico and Canada means upgrading driver’s licenses and implanting them with RFID chips.

The North American Union RFID chip will be used to track everyone coming and going between countries.

Privacy and safety concerns aside, the RFID chip will be part of a North American ID card which should go nicely with the new driver’s licenses under the Real ID Act.

The new ID cards will be linked to huge databases that will keep track of all of your personal information.

However the security of that database is also in question.

Also with the combination of the United States, Canada, and Mexico, the United States Constitution will be obsolete and a new one will have to be drawn up.

Or even scarier, there won’t be a new one.

Where Will It End?

The Real ID Act of 2005 is a federal law that will impose authentication and issuance procedures for the state driver’s licenses and state ID’s so that they will be accepted by the federal government for “official purposes”.

The Secretary of Homeland Security defines “official purposes” as presenting driver’s licenses and ID’s to board airplanes, to enter federal buildings, and to enter nuclear power plants.

As of April 2, 2008, all 50 states will have applied for an extension of the original May 11, 2008, deadline to comply.

If more people do not educate themselves about the reality of what is happening to this country then the North American Union RFID chip will no longer be an idea, it will be our reality.

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