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What is the World Government Plan?

The True Agenda Behind The World Government Plan.

The world government plan is based on the idea that one political body would make and enforce laws internationally.

Nations would pool or surrender control over themselves.

This would add another level of government above the existing national governments.

Some feel that international institutions like the United Nations and others are early templates.

The plan is more commonly known as the New World Order.

There have been attempts at global conquest since as early as Alexander the Great and the Roman Empire.

The British Empire held sway over a quarter of the world’s land and roughly a third of the world’s population was under its control.

Two examples of advances toward the new global consolidation are found in the African and European Unions.

They are models of uniting in one currency and moving toward shared economic policies.

The plan that the US elite envisions is one that ensures the free flow of investment capital around the globe while the migration of people is clamped down upon.

Running the UN

There is currently no international military or governmental jurisdiction over the whole world.

However there are voluntary organizations which delegate and split power among nations.

The United Nations (UN) is the main organization that coordinates activities among the nations globally and has the only intergovernmental, universal membership with 192 countries.

The UN has about 20 functional organizations associated with their Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) such as the World Bank and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

G8 is an organization of eight of the wealthiest and most technologically advanced nations whose leaders discuss ways to deal with poverty, terrorism, infectious diseases, etc.

It is the 5 permanent members of the Security Council that each have veto power that truly control this body.

How New is this New World Order?

It has been theorized that a secret, powerful group is planning to eventually rule the world.

Historical and present events are viewed as steps toward realizing the world government plan.

This theory is presented by individuals concerned with losing their civil liberties.

The most significant occurrences are said to have been plotted and executed by an extremely powerful group operating through a network of front organizations.

It is believed that this will entail total world dominance through crypto-politics which is a combination of corrupt politics, social engineering, fear tactics and possibly mind control.

What is Yours is Mine, what is Mine is Mine

A common fear with this world government plan is that it may reflect the worse aspects of savage capitalism and impose on cultural values.

The concern is that a dictatorship would be formed in order to create a world government beneficial to the elite profit mongers that control most of the global wealth today.

It could mean the end to individual and national autonomy.

Still other critics point to the British Empire and how even world governments are not impervious to war and catastrophe.

2 Comments on - What is the World Government Plan?

  • Rick November 18, 2022 Reply

    This one world government, or New World Order has been prophesied, and biblically transcribed for Millennia. So the only Truth to this is man’s ability to make it real. Therefore the only way to protect ourselves from the total grip of the global elite is to protect our constitutional rights, as well as our democracy. There is No stronger force than We the People. Even the people appointed to highest ranked officials in the world can be dethroned by the will of the people. Yes it is true the shadow government behind the scenes of the veil that hides them are the real culprits to this Economically devastated period of time in the American people’s lives. So we need to band together and help take their thumb off us and our money. Before they do something even more sinister and devastating than covering up Roswell, The exchange program to planet Serpo, Treaty between the grey’s, the assassination of JFK, Marilyn Monroe, hiding an off planet Secret Space Program, 9/11, funding for off the book projects in the roughly around 3 trillion tax payer dollars unaccounted for at the pentagon, now they are forcing the American people to become their enemy. All the while testing V2K, or Voice to Skull technology on the mass public, and not telling the American people that is really what the 5G rollout is all attributed to. And it will put out massive amounts of radiation exposure onto the American public. So 90% of the public will be euthanized do to population control. and mind control.

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