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Who is Owned and Controlled by the Bankers?

America is Owned and Controlled by the Bankers, they Own the Media, the Government, the Military and You.

The banking cabal has owned and controlled America completely since the Kennedy administration.

Kennedy was the last President to stand against their tyranny and refuse orders to implement an operation than would have seen thousands of Americans killed and the entire nation plunged into a state of fear and paranoia.

Operation Northwoods never saw the light of day until the banksters decided to test their pull with public opinion.

George Bush executed their plan perfectly and with the help of the military, the FBI and CIA America was forced into a state of panic, fearing an enemy than never existed.

There are many reasons why the bankers orchestrated such a horrific and terrifying spectacle.

With the government following their exact orders, the media in their pockets and most large corporations under their ownership, the only thing left to control was the people.

The American people were made to believe through the lies of an elitist president that a terrorist organization controlled by Osama Bin Laden crashed 4 planes in America killing thousands of people.

In fact, not that many people died for such a well planned and executed attack, because it was the U.S. military that crashed the planes, and the government backed them.

They did this at the orders of the all powerful wealthy elitist bankers who are working toward a New World Order.

The Executive Orders

After the devastation that was 9/11, the dust settled and the people of America found themselves not protected, but stripped of the remaining protection they had.

The government had turned against us and began to pass laws, acts and executive orders empowering the executive branch and thereby giving the banking cabal legality for every criminal act they perpetrate.

Under Bush’s new banking regime he passed his inimical executive orders that made the top tier of government the all seeing, all knowing, all controlling power in America.

Now if a state of emergency is declared everything falls to the state – even your life.

The Patriot Act

The Patriot Act is anything but patriotic, it attacks and removes freedom of speech, privacy and your legal rights as a citizen of the United States.

In the name of freedom, to rid the world of “terrorists”, the same men who blamed Bin Laden and the Iraqi people for 9/11 were behind this act. The banksters were making headway.

Now the government can arrest you and lock you away forever without a lawyer, or a trial, if they think you are a terrorist.

It becomes more complicated when you realize they are real terrorists and are using this law as a way to dominate and control the population.

Military and law enforcement powers have grown substantially, the average civilian is no better than a sheep to be herded now.

The New World Order

The bankers have used their executive powers to trap the American people.

Now they can force laws through government without much opposition.

Their ultimate goal is to form a one world government called the New World Order.

In this order there will only be one currency, controlled by the banking elite.

When this happens they will truly be all powerful and the world will crumble into chaos and despair.

Don’t let our freedom be removed by this criminal element. Stand against the NWO, hold the government accountable and take action against restrictive, unconstitutional laws.

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