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5 Industry Shills to Watch Out for

5 Industry Shills To Watch Out For

In every industry corruption will take hold. Anytime a profit is to be made there will always be ones who will exploit it.  It’s just not safe anymore to trust your doctor, the FDA, CDC,  the pharmaceutical companies and even the medical schools.  Follow the  money.  That will always show you who’s controlling what.  Including your politicians.

Dr. Farid Fata diagnosed his patients who were perfectly healthy as having terminal cancer so he could dish out his expensive chemotherapy and bill Medicare. Over 550 people’s lives were turned upside down because of this “medical professional.”  Only to find out they weren’t even sick to begin with.

If one doctor was caught doing that I have to wonder how many others are as well.  There’s so many so called independent bloggers and science shills on the payroll of every big corporation trying to skirt around regulations to get their products on the market at all costs.  These so called “experts” job is  to do damage control and try to convince the public that toxic chemicals are good for you.  

That eating genetically modified food is good for you and will help feed starving children all over the world.  Always playing on the emotions of the masses to manipulate the herd into letting these “experts” do their thinking for them and shaming anyone who dares to disagree with them as a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist who got a google degree.  

The ridiculing is off the charts with these professionals without a conscience.  The God complex some medical professionals have is truly sickening.  Some of them actually believe you are too  stupid to be  able to have any opinion on what’s medically necessary and harmful to you.  That since they paid the big bucks for that giant degree on their office wall and you did not you must be a mindless moron.  

As someone who has worked in the legal field and hired experts for trials I do believe you can find an “expert” to give you whatever kind of opinion you need to prove your case.  For the right price.  So I decided to put together a list of my top 5 most evil and ridiculous industry shills getting paid to feed you propaganda.  I had to narrow it to 5 or this blog post would’ve been a book.

  • Dr. Paul Offit for Profit.  This is the so called vaccine expert who said it was safe for a baby to get 10,000 vaccines at once.  Offit runs the vaccine education center at a children’s hospital in Philadelphia and is linked to the Rockefeller foundation.  This arrogant narcissist believes the state should take your kids away from you for disagree with his “expert scientific opinion.”  He tops the list of my most despised industry shills,  Here he is in all his glory talking about how FEAR sells vaccines

  • SciBabe.  Her name is Yvette d’Entremont. Her bio on her site reads: Yvette holds a B.A. in theatre, a B.S. in chemistry (Emmanuel College in Boston), and an masters degree in forensic science with a concentration in biological criminalistics (Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England).  She has an agent  to contact for bookings.  She is out to slam anything not produced in a lab by big pharma as “pseudoscience.”  She appeals to the millenial generation with her quick wit humor and all the F bombs she adds after every other word.  She thinks Robert F Kennedy, Jr. is an “asshole” for his World Mercury Project.  Anyone who knows me knows I tend to have a potty mouth myself, but her writings are distasteful and disgusting.  She promotes herself like a science prostitute, just look at her web page photos and you will see what I mean.  Yvette if you are reading this give me a call, this Irish chic can teach you how to curse and not look like a total shill in the process. You’re way overdoing it.
  • David Gorski.  Oncologist and Professor of surgery at Wayne State University School of Medicine. A colleague of Dr. Farid Fata, mentioned above,the cancer fraudster who landed in federal prison for the next 45 years. Gorski has many pen names and spends a good amount of time shaming parents of autistic children and SciBabe refers to Gorski as one of her go to “debunkers of pseudoscience” (alternative medicine).
  • Richard Pan.  Doctor turned Senator.  The infamous enforcer of SB277 a draconian law mandating all children be vaccinated to attend public schools in California.  Total pharma sell out taking right under 6 figures from pharma  companies in return for pushing SB277 through.  He refuses to address the concerns of parents and pumps out shill facts on his facebook page constantly.   When confronted by the Vaxxed team for a simple conversation, this is what happened:

  • ZdoggMd. That’s his youtube channel persona.  His real name is Zubin Damania, M.D.  Former internist turned comedian industry shill. I have to be honest though, if it weren’t for his ridicule of those who aren’t on the vaccine and pharma bandwagon I  would like this guy.  His videos are funny.  I just can’t get over the whole “poison your kids” thing.  Sorry Zdogg you too are a dark souled shill just like your buddy Offit. No amount of making me laugh can overshadow that. Here he is trying to brainwash the masses into getting a flu shot:

I do not care how many degrees and years of schooling one has had, that does not make them God and in today’s world money talks.  Corruption runs rampant.  Don’t let these industry shills or others (there’s many more but I just  covered five) belittle you with their fancy degrees into thinking you’re just an idiot and can’t use simple logic to make your own decisions.  Gone are the days of just trusting the doc in a white lab coat.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read a vaccine insert and know those ingredients should NEVER be injected into any human body.  

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